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The Department of Neurosurgery believes that a diverse community of faculty and learners is essential to fulfilling our mission and vision.

Including individuals with diverse perspectives and experience enriches the educational experience for all learners, allows us to more effectively address health care inequalities and improves the quality of our scholarship and clinical care. The UAB Department of Neurosurgery seeks to continue growing a culture of diversity and inclusion.

  • We believe that diversity is defined broadly to include the full range of human differences: race, gender, ethnicity, age, culture, national origin, religious beliefs, physical abilities, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, lifestyle preference and political conviction.
  • We have a fundamental commitment to recruitment at all levels, including students, staff, residents, APPs and faculty.
  • We hope to cultivate a culture that encourages collaboration, flexibility and fairness where the talents and differences of all employees are respected and valued. Ultimately, this will allow individuals to contribute to their full potential and increase retention.
  • As we strive to increase our diversity, the means of achieving and promoting this diversity shall remain flexible, and the manner in which race, ethnicity and gender are to be considered shall meet standards evolving in federal and state law.

Collaboration, integrity, respect and excellence are shared values of our institution and are the core of what it means to be a UAB community member. And a key foundation at UAB is diversity, equity, and inclusion. At UAB, everybody counts every day. UAB is committed to fostering a diverse, respectful, and inclusive campus environment that values all community members regardless of background and embraces individual differences. UAB values and cultivates equity, diversity, and inclusion in our research, learning, clinical and work environments. Our students, faculty, and staff add diversity to our community through life experiences, perspectives and viewpoints that are enriching for the learning and work environment and are reflective of the students and communities we serve. Because UAB serves a diverse population, ODEI, along with the Department of Neurosurgery initiatives, aims to create an inclusive environment for all UAB faculty, staff, students, and patients through education, training, and awareness programs.