Bailer News Lead Story Image 400 300 pxUAB Department of Neurosurgery Executive Administrator Donna Bailer recently completed the UAB Healthcare Leadership Academy.

The foundation of the UAB Healthcare Leadership Academy (HLA) rests on the idea that future academic health systems will be led and administered by clinicians and executives who possess the necessary leadership abilities to navigate their organization into a progressively complex future.

HLA is an all-encompassing initiative that provides training opportunities and support for cultivating indispensable skills in 21st-century leaders. It aids current and aspiring leaders in developing a broader understanding of their roles, gaining fresh insights into critical leadership and managerial challenges, as well as management concepts and techniques. The program is structured around classroom sessions, collaborative projects and hands-on learning activities, all strategically designed to identify and enhance leadership skills and capabilities.

Program participants are selected by an advisory board and based on recognition for their potential to assume more challenging leadership positions within the next two to four years.

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