The UAB Healthcare Leadership Academy (HLA) was founded on the premise that the future of academic health systems will be led and managed by clinicians and executives who operate at the frontiers of medicine and possess the leadership skills required to guide their organization into an increasingly complex future.

“We have seen this program have a tremendous impact on our community and the UAB Academic Medical Center. To speak with HLA participants and hear the success stories their network has created makes us proud to support the program. We've also seen many HLA alumni promoted into leadership positions, which means this is a great investment for UAB and our family.”

Amy and Duane Donner Donors

Program Overview

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HLA is a cohesive and comprehensive program offering training opportunities and help in developing essential skills for leaders in the 21st century. It helps present and future leaders gain a broader understanding of their responsibilities as leaders, new perspectives on critical leadership and managerial issues, and deeper understanding and awareness of concepts and techniques relevant to management. It includes classroom sessions, team projects, and experiential learning activities designed to identify and strengthen leadership skills and capabilities.

The program begins in October with an opening session of 1.5 days, followed by monthly classroom sessions (one day per month, November-April) and group projects, and concludes with a closing session and graduation (one day). Approximately 80 hours of classroom participation is required, including a team project pertinent to the medical center/health system (performed as part of the coursework).

Program Objectives

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  • Identify and develop future leaders of UAB Medicine and the Academic Medical Center.
  • Enhance and expand participants' leadership abilities and managerial skills.
  • Facilitate development of strategic thinking skills that focus on the opportunities and challenges facing academic medical centers.
  • Understand the history and operations of the health system and the academic medical center.
  • Allow participants an opportunity to examine their individual aspirations, strengths, weaknesses, and personal commitment to leadership and management.

How Participants Are Chosen

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Participants include individuals identified as possessing the potential for more demanding leadership positions within the next two to four years.

Nominations are sought from the deans of Health Professions schools and department chairs and center directors of Joint Health Sciences and the Heersink School of Medicine, including branch campuses. In addition, the University Hospital, Kirklin Clinic, and Health Services Foundation are asked to submit administrative nominees. Request for nominations are sent in late spring/early summer each year.

Participants will be selected by an advisory board in a manner that ensures diversity with regard to academic specialty, professional background, demographic profile, and experience.

Program Administration and Contacts

The Healthcare Leadership Academy training program is a joint UAB effort of the Heersink School of Medicine and the Collat School of Business. It is funded through generous support from Amy and Duane Donner and Founders Advisors, where Duane is managing partner.

Physical Address

710 13th St. S.
Birmingham, AL 35233

Mailing Address

1720 2nd Ave. S.
Birmingham, AL 35294-4460

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