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The division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine specializes in the diagnosis and management of obstetric, medical, surgical, and fetal complications of pregnancy.

Our faculty consists of 14 nationally recognized physicians, board-certified in Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Obstetrics and Gynecology, with one faculty also board-certified in Medical Genetics. Our physicians in the MFM Division:

  • Provide care for women with medical, obstetrical, or surgical problems complicating their pregnancies such as:
      - Preterm Birth
      - Diabetes
      - Hypertension
      - Multiple gestations
      - Abnormal placentation
  • Provide genetic screening and counseling services to assess the risk for genetic disorders such as Down syndrome in all pregnant women, especially those at high-risk based on maternal age, medical status, or prior history
  • Provide prenatal diagnosis for fetal abnormalities and continued management/counseling for these complicated pregnancies.