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The Ob-Gyn clerkship in Birmingham is comprised of four weeks on an Obstetrics Service and four weeks on a Gynecology Service. During the Obstetrics rotation, you will gain clinical experience while rotating through Labor and Delivery, the Maternity Evaluation Unit, on Postpartum and Antepartum  wards, and our Obstetric clinics.  For your Gynecology clinical experience, you will be part of the Gyn Oncology team for two weeks and then either UroGynecology or Women's Reproductive Healthcare Gyn teams for two weeks. Timing of rounds will be determined by the faculty and resident on each service.

Dr. ChereĀ“ Stewart serves as the student Clerkship Director for the Birmingham Campus.  Christy Willis is the Clerkship Coordinator. She can be reached at 975-0721.

The Ob-Gyn Student Education Office is located in the Women and Infants Center, Room 5326.  Office hours are 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM, except when student lectures are in progress and from 12-1 PM daily.