The UAB OB/GYN Fund for Excellence in Education was established in June 2012 to leverage existing resources and to help ensure the Department continues to provide the highest quality educational experiences to our residents and fellows by providing an opportunity for alumni, faculty and friends to invest in the future of Obstetrics and Gynecology.  Funds are used to support travel for residents to present at regional and national meetings, global health electives, as well as provide the necessary research support, including laboratory supplies, data collection and analysis. In addition, funds are available to support faculty, fellows and residents for innovative educational initiatives including simulation activities and educational research.

Goal: To enhance educational and/or research opportunities for residents, fellows, and faculty in the Department of Ob/Gyn at UAB. At this time, residents will have priority for funding, followed by faculty seeking funding for educational research or simulation activities. As the Fund for Excellence in Education grows, we will plan to open up to fellows and other opportunities in the future as feasible. 

All applications must be submitted electronically to Jason Whitehead at no later than 5:00 pm Central Time on the deadline date.

Applications will be reviewed by members of the UAB OB/Gyn Fund for Excellence in Education Advisory Committee. Applicants will be notified of funding decision within 4-6 weeks following the application deadline.


  • AY 2019-2020 Dates 
    • August 23, 2019
    • December 6, 2019
    • February 28, 2020

  • Travel for research presentations (1st author orals and posters; no exclusions regarding specific meetings but national>regional priority; for resident travel support only at this time): up to $1,000, limited to two stipends per resident per AY
  • Electives (international, national, regional): up to $3000 (or up to $1500 for trips lasting 7 days or less), limited to one stipend per resident during residency training
  • Research Project Support (assays, supplies; for resident project support only at this time): up to $5,000, limited to one stipend per resident during residency training
  • Educational Research Projects: up to $5,000, limited to one stipend per resident during residency training, one stipend per faculty per five year period
  • Simulation Equipment and Supplies: up to $5,000, limited to one award per AY
  • Travel for national conferences (for attendance to conference where no research or other presentation is being given by resident, board review courses are not eligible for funding): up to $750, limited to one stipend per resident during residency training


While the Fund for Excellence continues to grow, we will limit the total amount awarded per AY to $45,000 divided among the following as needed:

  • $15,000 maximum total for research presentation and conference travel
  • $15,000 maximum total for elective travel
  • $15,000 maximum total for research project, educational research, and simulation equipment support


  • Three page limit (5 pages for research proposals), at least 11 point font
  • Full name and degree of applicant, email and phone contact
  • Name, email and phone contact of faculty/fellow mentor/advisor or name of activity supervisor where appropriate

Organize the application in the following format (as appropriate/applicable):

  1. Title of project or proposal
  2. Applicant name and contact
  3. Faculty Advisor/Fellow Advisor/Supervisor name and contact
  4. Other participants/co-author/co-investigator names
  5. Dates of activity
  6. Introduction/background/purpose (for travel for national conferences where no research or other presentation is being given, be sure to explain why the travel is important for career or professional development or other purposes)
  7. Hypothesis/objectives/specific aims/goals (for travel for national conferences where no research or other presentation is being given, be sure to explain your goal for attending; for elective travel, please be sure to provide competency-based goals)
  8. Study design/project description/elective description
  9. Proposed budget (if conference or elective travel, include estimated costs)
  10. Budget justification (if conference travel include dates of meeting, date of presentation, copy of program if available [copy of program not included in 3 page limit])
  11. IRB approval (as appropriate for research project support: not applicable, approved [protocol #], pending [date applied])
  12. Other information

See Review Criteria tab for detailed information on each category to better prepare your applications.


Please note: Travel funding will be in the form of reimbursement after the event with documentation [invoice, receipt, etc.]. Please see Education Office Travel Reimbursement Guidelines (Resident Manual, Appendix A). Also, all international travel will require submission of a UAB-Related Foreign Travel Request Form via:

For all funding provided through the UAB Ob/Gyn Fund for Excellence in Education, the recipient agrees to provide a written summary of the activity/project including comments about the impact of this opportunity on his/her training, education, career. The written summary is due within 6 weeks of completion of the travel or project.

The recipient will agree to allow the Department of Ob/Gyn to use these written summaries/comments in publications to promote the Fund or the Department. Subsequent eligibility of the applicant and advisor will be contingent upon timely submission of the written summary. Residents receiving a stipend for elective travel will also be required to provide a short presentation to the department about their experience.  

Please contact Jason Whitehead at or 205-934-7872 if you have any questions regarding travel reimbursement or international travel forms or requirements. Any questions may be directed to to Jason or Dr. Alice R. Goepfert at or 205-934-2216.