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Wellness Cropped

Resident wellness is a top priority for us.

Our residents actively spend time together outside of work and celebrate each other’s milestones in life. They attend multiple department-sponsored events as well as an annual resident retreat. During the retreat, department faculty members step in and cover cases to ensure that all residents can attend and enjoy.

The relationship between our faculty, staff, and trainees is one of mutual respect, and we work hard to provide mentors, support, and resources to all of our trainees. Graduate Medical Education at UAB also provides resources and techniques to ensure residents are mentally and physically healthy and fit for training in the clinical learning environment.

Resident Wellness Events, Activities, and Perks

Social Events

We host a number of resident social events each each, including a resident retreat, a welcome party for our interns, holiday parties, an Annual Chiefs' Dinner, and more.

Awareness Days/ Weeks

It's important to celebrate our residents year-round. We participate in a number of resident and OB/GYN-specific wellness days and awareness weeks, such as Resident Wellness Day, Thank a Resident Day, and ACOG Wellness Week.

Department-Specific Perks

We strive to incorporate wellness in all aspects of our residents' training and daily lives by encouraging socialization, activity, and the prioritization of personal health. Some specific resident wellness efforts in our department include wellness-specific didactics, on-site pelotons for resident use, weekly Friday Conference lunches, resident-only snack stations, and vertical teams.

University-Wide Wellness Resources

The University of Alabama at Birmingham and the UAB Heersink School of Medicine offer a number of wellness resources for residents, including the UAB Medicine Office of Wellness, UAB Employee Assistance & Counseling CenterFinancial Wellness Program, and more.


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