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Fostering excellence for the next generation of ophthalmologists

As part of UAB Callahan Eye, residents and fellows in our programs gain valuable hands-on experience, preparing them for clinical and surgical practices. Our residents and fellows staff the emergency room and Lion’s Clinic at the UAB Callahan Eye Hospital, the nation’s only freestanding Level 1 Ocular Trauma Center.

The UAB Ophthalmology residency program is a four-year program that includes an integrated internship year and a three-year ophthalmology training. The internship curriculum allows interns to rotate through services, including neurology, neuroradiology, dermatology, emergency rooms at UAB and Children’s, anesthesia, and internal medicine.

During their three years of ophthalmology education, residents train in UAB Callahan Eye’s high-volume clinical and surgical practice and are given the opportunity to specialize in glaucoma, retina, cornea, or neuro-ophthalmology.

Our residents and fellows are well equipped and prepared for the next phase in their career, and our graduates are practicing all over the nation.