Thompson McMurtrie, M.D.Former UAB Orthopaedic Surgery Resident J Thompson McMurtrie, M.D., published “Union Rates of Talar Neck Fractures With Substantial Bone Defects Treated With Autograft” in the Foot and Ankle International journal. McMurtrie is now a Mississippi Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center Sports Medicine fellow.

The study evaluated the union rate of talar neck fractures with substantial bone defects treated acutely with autologous tibial bone graft during primary osteosynthesis. The talas is a somewhat large ankle bone whose fracture is generally treated through osteosynthesis, which is fixation of a bone–using rods, screws, or other tools.

The procedure authors examined to remedy a talus neck fracture involves fixing the talus to the tibial bone for stability. The key factor they examined was whether the bones grew back together– achieving union–or not, with union being the best outcome.

12 patients with 12 fractures were included in the series, with a majority of them receiving their injury through a motor vehicle crash.

Authors concluded that in their relatively small series, tibial autograft in primary osteosynthesis of comminuted talar neck fractures with substantial bone defects is associated with excellent union rates and low malunion rates.

Department of Orthopaedics faculty and trainees collaborated with faculty in the Department of Radiology. Study authors included: