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Orthopaedics ResearchThe Department of Orthopaedic Surgery is committed to improving the lives of our patients through research in addition to direct patient care and teaching.

We have tremendous opportunities because of the overall research environment at UAB which makes available resources, equipment, and expertise of colleagues. A wide breadth of orthopaedic research is performed including basic science, clinical, and educational research. Our faculty have won numerous research awards at regional and national meetings and have successfully competed for funding grants from the national organizations (OREF, OTA, POSNA) and federal funding sources (NIH, DOD). See also research publication list.

In the basic sciences, orthopaedic research includes discovery of new drugs, laboratory testing in cells, biomechanical testing, cadaver studies, and use of animal models. Extensive resources are available on campus including a center for metabolic bone disease, experimental biomechanics, and animal resources. Strong collaborations are in place with investigators in rheumatology, pathology, microbiology and biomedical engineering.

Clinical research includes prospective randomized trials, registries, retrospective chart reviews, and systematic reviews. Orthopaedics benefits from a large patient base with diverse pathology, excellent clinical care facilities and a collaborative environment. In addition, the resources of the Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences (NIH supported), provide investigators with access to tools, training, services and support. Innovation through design of new techniques, devices and implants is also an important contribution.

UAB Orthopaedic Surgery also seeks to be a leader in orthopaedic education and has developed innovative methods for simulation and virtual presence. Results have been presented at national meetings and published in leading journals.

In short, the department has a track record of successful research and innovation, and provides faculty, residents and students excellent opportunities to explore and innovate in a highly collaborative environment.