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Update for March 25

The UAB Department of Pediatrics/Children’s of Alabama clinics will remain open on Thursday, March 25. Children's of Alabama clinic coordinators are actively making every effort to move patients up as early in the day as possible. Department of Pediatrics administrative supervisors, please communicate with the clinic coordinators and have all staff assist with the patient communications.

Inclement weather is forecast for this afternoon, prompting UAB Medicine to close clinics at TKC at noon.

Weather group Green should follow UAB guidance to be released at 12:30 pm. Weather group Yellow should await further direction as we coordinate with Children's of Alabama to cover afternoon clinical responsibilities. If employees need to leave due to childcare or other personal reasons, please coordinate with your administrative supervisor. Any employee who needs to leave before noon will need to use benefit time.

Please monitor this webpage for further communication regarding weather and closings, as well as specific instructions that pertain to your workgroup. Please stay safe!

Check the UAB Emergency Management Weather website for more information about your group assignment and University policies.

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