Our UAB Pediatric Emergency Medicine Division is located at Children's of Alabama. We have 21 PEM attending physicians and nine Pediatric Emergency Medicine fellows. All of our attending physicians are BC/BE in Pediatric Emergency Medicine.

Our physicians include: 

 GlaeserPeter Peter Glaeser, M.D.
C. Phillip McWane Endowed Chair in Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Dr. Glaeser is a professor and serves as the Vice Chair for Clinical Services for the Department of Pediatrics. He is the Division Director of Pediatric Emergency Medicine.  He is a member of the hospital’s IT Executive Committee and is the Past Chair of the National Registry of EMTs Board of Directors. He has a number of interests, one of which is improving the pre-hospital care of children.
Bakermark Mark Baker, M.D., M.P.H.
Dr. Baker is an Associate Professor whose primary interests are in Disaster Medicine and bedside Emergency Ultrasound.
 DrSteveBaldwinSDM 3751 Steve Baldwin, M.D.
Dr. Baldwin is a Professor and is currently obtaining his MBA. He has multiple areas of interest including IT, Disaster Medicine, and Trauma.

Jud Barber, M.D.
Dr. Barber is a Professor and Chair of the Hospital Sedation Committee. He is involved in our ED Improvement Committee.
  David Bernard, M.D.
Dr. Bernard is a Professor whose primary area of interest is child abuse medicine. He is also involved in the areas of medical trauma, and airway management issues.  He is Chair of the Clinical Outcomes Committee for Children's of Alabama.
Campell Christine Campbell, M.D., M.P.H.
Dr. Campbell is an Assistant Professor whose primary interest is patient safety and quality improvement. 
Cochran Christina 2016 Christina Cochran, M.D.
Dr. Cochran is an Assistant Professor who provides clinical services in the ED and has an interest in anaphylaxis.
CoCoTerri Terri Coco, M.D.
Dr.  Coco is an Associate Professor and the Medical Director for both the After Hours Clinic and the PALS Course.  She also serves as the Assistant Fellowship Director for Pediatric Emergency Medicine. Her area of interest is injury prevention.
 Valerie A Davis

Valerie Davis, M.D.
Dr. Davis is an Assistant Professor whose primary interest is Asthma along with research activities at the fellowship level.
DuerringShea Shea Duerring, M.D.
Dr. Duerring is an Assistant Professor whose primary interest is EMS.
Pallavi Pallavi Ghosh, M.D., MPH  
Dr. Ghosh is an Assistant Professor who provides clinical services in the ED.
jonesnicole Nicole Jones, M.D. 
Dr. Jones is an Assistant Professor who provides clinical services in the ED.
Klasner 2015 Ann Klasner, M.D., M.P.H.
Dr. Klasner is a Professor and serves as the Fellowship Director for the Pediatric Department and for the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship Program.  She is active with Emergency Medicine Services (EMS) and EMSC programs at State and National levels, and has an interest in Continuing Medical Education activities.

Patricia Laborde, M.D.
Dr. Laborde is an Assistant Professor.
 marzullolaurie Laurie Marzullo, M.D.
Dr. Marzullo is an Associate Professor, an ICM Clinical Scholar. She coordinates resident education and evaluation for the Division.

Heather Mitchell, M.D.
Dr. Mitchell is an Assistant Professor and provides clinical service in the ED. Her primary interest is in Injury and Violence Prevention.
  Kathy W. Monroe M.D.
Dr. Monroe is a Professor and Medical Director of the Children's of Alabama Emergency Department.  Her research interests include injury prevention, endocrine emergencies, and telephone triage.
nicholsheadshot Michele Nichols, M.D.
Dr. Nichols is a Professor and serves as the Vice-Chair for Academic Affairs for the Department of Pediatrics. She is the Director of the Department of Pediatrics' Residency Program and holds the Frederick W. Renneker, III, Endowed Chair in Pediatric Education.  She also serves as Co-Medical Director of the Regional Poison Control Center.  Her areas of interest include poison education, and injury prevention.

Melissa Peters, M.D.
Dr. Peters is an Associate Professor whose primary medical interest is in child physical abuse.
 pruittchris Christopher Pruitt, M.D.
Dr.  Pruitt is an Assistant Professor and is the Research Director for the Division.
 Annalise Annalise Sorrentino, M.D.
Dr. Sorrentino is a Professor who provides clinical services in the ED. 
white marjorie Marjorie Lee White, M.D.
Dr. White is an Associate Professor. She serves as the Director of the Office of Interprofessional Simulation, Assistant Dean for Clinical Simulation in the School of Medicine and Vice President of Clinical Simulation in the Health System. She is adjunct faculty in the Pediatric Simulation Center at Children's of Alabama.
 Carden Johnston Dr. Carden Johnston is a Professor Emeritus and although he officially retired after 25 years at Children's of Alabama, he remains active in education and child advocacy. He is a past President of the American Academy of Pediatrics.