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Nephrology Faculty Group Photo 2018

Pediatric Nephrology is located within the UAB Department of Pediatrics at Children's of Alabama. The nephrology team, which includes specialized nurses, nutritionist, social workers, family counselors and faculty, evaluate and treat children with kidney disease from infancy to adolescence. They care for those with urinary tract infections, hypertension, hematuria, proteinuria, glomerulonephritis, and nephrotic syndrome, vasculitis, and systemic lupus erythematosis and chronic kidney disease, including those who require chronic dialysis or transplantation.

The renal care center is one of the largest comprehensive pediatric dialysis units in the United States offering acute and chronic dialysis therapies. The specialized staff offers peritoneal dialysis, hemodialysis, continuous renal replacement therapies, kidney biopsies, and plasmapheresis for infants, children and adolescents. In order to maximize health and quality of life, the renal care center is one of three pediatric programs who train qualifying pediatric patients to perform hemodialysis at home using NXSTAGE Portable Dialysis Machine.

In conjunction with the Division of Transplantation Surgery at UAB, the Division of Nephrology is one of the largest pediatric kidney transplant programs in the country. Multi-center studies determine the optimal immunosuppression therapy to maximize long-term outcomes for children with kidney transplantation.

The research and clinical interest of the division are broad. The division participates in multi-center studies on drug discovery/ pharmacokinetics, assessment, progression and treatment of chronic kidney disease in children. Dr. Daniel Feig is division director and is an internationally recognized expert in hypertension in children who has research interests in the mechanisms of early onset and obesity related hypertension as well as mechanisms of hypertensive target organ damage. Dr. Sahar Fathallah, is the medical director of the Pediatric Dialysis Program works in concert with maternal / fetal medicine, neonatology, and pediatric urology to care for children with congenital abnormalities of the kidney and urologic tract. Dr. David Askenazi studies the impact, outcomes and non-invasive biomarkers in premature and asphyxiated critically ill infants who develop acute kidney injury. 

Faculty & Staff

Division Director

Daniel Feig, M.D., Ph.D., M.S.

Faculty List

Nephrology Faculty


Salina Austin
Administrative Supervisor

Nursing Staff

Gwen Gardner, RN; Administrative Director of Transplant Services
Veronica Starks, RN; Renal Clinic Coordinator
Jennifer Wilson, RN; Inpatient Case Manager
Leslie Ann Hallmark, RN; Inpatient Case Manager
Linda Lancaster, RN; Renal Biopsy Coordinator
Mary Jane Gillum, CRNP; Renal Clinic
Jessica Edmondson, CRNP; Renal Clinic
Christy Taylor, Nurse Clinician; Renal Clinic
Jan McGriff, Nurse Clinician; Renal Clinic
Amanda O'Hara, Nurse Clinician; Renal Clinic
Cindy Richards, RN; Renal Transplant Coordinator
Paige Perry, RN, BSN
Kari (Karlene) Pietsch, RN; Renal Transplant Coordinator
Kara Short, CRNP; Renal Clinic

General Renal/Dialysis Social Worker: Emily Wells, MSW, LICSW

Renal Transplant Social Worker: Wanda Hawkins, MSW

Outpatient General Renal Dietician: Michelle Jeffcoat, RD

Inpatient General Renal and Renal Transplant Dietician: Janelle Schirmer, RD

Dialysis Dietician: Perrin Bickert, RD

Transplant Child Life: Crawford Daniel, CCLS

Dialysis and Inpatient Child Life: Chelsea Brown, CCLS

Clinical Research Nurse: Lynn Dill, RN, BSN

Clinical Research Nurse: Susan Keeling, RN

Renal Care Center

Suzanne White, RN, BSN, CPN – Manager
Wendy Shirley, RN, BSN, RNC-NIC
Jessica Stephenson, RN, BSN
Amanda O’Hara, RN, BSN
Jessica Simmons, RN,
Angela Locklar, RN, MSN, NNP
Andrea Darnell, RN, BSN
Allison York, RN, BSN
Jennifer Cornelius, RN
Rebekah Sims, RN, BSN, CPN
Brittany Funchess-Wilson, RN
Daryl Ingram, RN, BSN, CDN
Catherine Gurosky, RN
Cynthia Rogers, RN, BSN, CDN
Stacia Patrick, RN, MSN
Dorothy Dorsey – Administrative Assistant


Division of Pediatric Nephrology
1600 5th Avenue South
CPPI 202
Birmingham, AL 35233
P: 205.638.9781
F: 205.638.2517
Toll Free: 866.562.1153

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