The University of Alabama at Birmingham Child Neurology Fellowship is now combined with the Pediatric Residency Program.  Applicants do NOT need to apply to the Pediatric Residency Program for the Child Neurology Fellowship position. Training in child neurology shall encompass a total of five years. This includes two years of pediatric residency training, one year of training in clinical adult neurology, one year of training in clinical child neurology, and one year as "flexible". Residents learn the principles of neurophysiology, neuropathology, neuroradiology, neuroophthalmology, psychiatry, rehabilitation, neurological surgery, neurodevelopment, and the basic neurosciences. The purpose of the training program is to prepare the residents for the independent practice of clinical child neurology.  The training is based on supervised clinical work, with increasing responsibility for outpatients and inpatients.  Applications for the Child Neurology Residency are accepted through ERAS only.

Pediatric Neurology at Children's of Alabama
Children's of Alabama is the 15th largest pediatric medical center in the United States. The Emergency Department is the 3rd busiest pediatric ER in the country. With over 13,000 inpatients and over 640,000 outpatient visits annually, you will get plenty of exposure! There are nine pediatric neurology attendings. All are well respected in their subspecialty.
You will experience a comprehensive mix of pediatric neurology pathology.  For example:
  • Dr. Kankirawatana is an expert at handling epilepsy and reading EEG's.
  • Dr. Dure sees numerous patients with Tourette's and other movement disorders.
  • Dr. Reddy is a pediatric neuro-oncologist with ample support from the excellent neurosurgeons at Children's.
  • Dr. Percy specializes in neurodegenerative and developmental disorders such as Rett syndrome.
  • Dr. Fequiere is well versed in Neuromuscular disorders and conducts several EMG’s.
  • Dr. Ness runs the Center for Pediatric Onset Demyelinating Disease (CPODD) clinic here at Children’s.
The neurology service at Children's of Alabama provides a very well rounded experience. You will assist in the care of the inpatients as well as the consults. You will also attend general neurology and neurology sub-specialty clinics with all of the attendings.
On the pediatric neurology rotation, you will take home call for pediatric neurology at Children's of Alabama. There are several in-house pediatric residents on-call every night who cross-cover the neurology inpatients/consults and see new consults and admit new patients. Your role will be to provide backup and assistance (almost exclusively over-the-phone) to the in-house residents. Of course, the attendings are always available as your back up when necessary.

Pediatric/Neurology Residents

Bass Ped Neuro            N.Sankhla

Rachel Bass, D.O                          Neal Sankhla, M.D. 
University of North Texas               Drexel University