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For over 50 years, Twelve to One raised funds to support individualized care and recovery for UAB's Spain Rehabilitation Center.

Twelve to One, formerly the Women’s Committee of Spain Rehabilitation Center, was established in 1970 as a philanthropic organization dedicated to support and increase awareness of the research, programs, and activities of UAB’s Spain Rehabilitation Center. Spain Rehabilitation Center is the only hospital within the UAB complex that is devoted to the rehabilitation of the physically disabled. With funds raised, Twelve to One met the needs of the patients of Spain Rehabilitation by providing state-of-the-art equipment, supporting spinal cord research that has impacted patients across the country, and performing in-kind services by hosting holiday parties and providing gifts to patients and the professional and caring staff.

About Us

Local philanthropists Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Spain had long been interested in medical rehabilitation. In the 1960s, Mr. and Mrs. Spain approached Dr. Joseph Volker, then President of UAB, to offer a donation for a physical rehabilitation center. One of the Spain family members had suffered a long‐term physical functional problem and some of their immediate family had become the victims of poliomyelitis, fortunately with excellent recovery.

Dr. Volker asked if they would instead donate to one of the UAB construction projects that was ahead of the rehabilitation center, which was #12 on the priority list at the time. The Spain family was committed to funding and building the rehabilitation center, so Dr. Volker wisely moved it to the #1 priority.

The name Twelve to One also reflects the journey of ex-patients who find that the phrase describes their path as they progressed from a 12 in the rehabilitation process to a 1, as they entered back into the world, symbolizing moving forward and hope.

To continue the work of Spain Rehabilitation Center to serve the patient population in the areas of service, research, and teaching and to help those with physical ailments and disabilities have a more productive and comfortable life, give to the Twelve to One Fund.