Staff at Spain Rehab Center

Chair's Office     
Agro-Walters, Stephanie   Human Resource Manager
Brewer, Tracy   Administrative Director
Cooper, Elizabeth E   Administrative Associate
DuBose, Kristen   Office Services Specialist
Hoggart, Kelsey   Finance Officer
McDougal, Mary   Executive Administrator
McGee, Connie   Clinical Admin Office Specialist
Faculty Offices    
Banasiewicz, Sarah   Office Services Specialist
Cullen, Belicia   Administrative Office Specialist
Cutcher, Linda   Patient Encounter Specialist
Sammons, Cynthia   Patient Encounter Coordinator
Taylor, Cheryl   Administrative Office Specialist
Spinal Cord Injury Data Center    
Allen, Tori,    Data Collections Manager
Bland, Troy   Programmer/Analyst
Waites, Galina   Database Analyst
Wen, Huacong (Wendy)   Post-Doc Fellow
Orthotics and Prosthetics    
America, Jennifer   Patient Encounter Specialist
Berrien, Keaton   Orthotic Fitter
Burroughs, Antwan   Orthotist
Mueller, Brian   Orthotist & Prosthetist, Certified
Odgers, Randy   Orthotist/Prosthetist Assistant
Owens, David   Orthotist/Prosthetist
Pitts, Adam   Orthotist/Prosthetist
Sigmon, Jeff   Certified Orthotist
Thomas, Jennifer   Administrative Supervisor
Nurses and Nurse Practitioners    
Baker, Julie, RN   Clinic Nurse
Ball, Tacoa, RN   Nursing Supervisor
Bradley, Amanda, NP   Nurse Practitioner
Brooks, Beverly, RN   Clinic Nurse
Champion, Sheena, CRNP   Nurse Practitioner
Davidson, Karen, CRNP   Nurse Practitioner
Hussemann, Carolyn, BSN, MS   Clinical Nurse Supervisor
Waites, Karion, DNP, RN, BC-FNP, CRRN   Nurse Practitioner
Outpatient Medical Clinic    
Arthur, Kelli   Medical Social Worker
Greg, Sharron   Clinic Tech
Griffin, Roben   Patient Encounter Specialist
Pryor, Brittany   Patient Encounter Specialist
Thompson, Jacqueline   Clinic Tech
Washington, Nicole   Patient Encounter Specialist
Garner, Angela   Patient Encounter Specialist
Hornbuckle, Melissa   Billing/Compensation Manager
Morgan, Candace   Psychometrist
Randolph, Brittany, PhD   Post-Doc Fellow
Simmons, Angel   Psychometrist
Dent, D'Ambra   Research Specialist
Embery, Sherricka   Administrative Associate
Klebine, Phil, MA   Knowledge Translation Director
Li, Jia, PhD   Post-Doc Scholar
Murphy, Jane   Research Specialist
Womack, Erika   Researcher
Residency Program    
Hanhauser, Lauren   Education Administrator
Farris, Vicki   System Analyst

Staff at The Workplace 

Archie, Candace   Clinic Tech
Brooks, Sandra   Administrative Office Specialist
Canfield, Steve   Clinical Services Director
Cannon, Samantha   Clinic Tech
Fox, Pauline   Radiology Tech/Clinic Tech
Goree, Tamika   Patient Encounter Specialist
Harrell, Janeshia   Patient Encounter Specialist
Hollingsworth, Ladonna   Lead Clinic Tech/Workers Comp
Ingram, Kimberly   Physical Therapist Assistant
Lagroue, Schuyler   Administrative Office Specialist
Long, Lisa   Administrative Manager
Luciano, Tracy   Patient Encounter Specialist
Odell, Amy   Physical Therapy Assistant
Payne, Kristie Finnen   Workers Comp Specialist
Porter, Carl   Rehab Tech
Robinson, Daphne   Patient Encounter Specialist
Schock, Joseph   Physical Therapist
Shorter, Kendra   Certified Medical Assistant
Smith, Jennifer   Physical Therapist
Stanford, Kathryn   Physical Therapist
Talley, Harold (Beau)   Occupational Therapist
Townsend, Braden   Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
Wamble, Julie   Nurse Practitioner
Wang, Amanda   Physical Therapist
Wheeles, Elizabeth   Physical Therapist
York-Bonner, Laura   Clinic Tech