• acosta laraAssistant Professor

    Areas of Interest:
    Interstitial Lung Disease


  • FacultyPhotoAndersonAssistant Professor

    Areas of Interest:
    Asthma, Proximal and Distal Airway

  • FacultyPhotoAntonyProfessor
    Director, Program for Environmental and Translational Medicine

    Areas of Interest:
    Environmental and Occupational Medicine, Cystic Fibrosis, Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, Mycobacterial Disease, Pleural Disease


  • FacultyPhotoAulakhEditAssistant Professor

    Areas of Interest:
    Sleep Medicine, Pleural Disease


  • FacultyPhotoBaileyProfessor Emeritus
    Eminent Scholar Chair in Pulmonary Disease

    Areas of Interest:
    Asthma, COPD, Smoking Cessation, and Tuberculosis


  • FacultyPhotoBarnesAssistant Professor

    Areas of Interest:
    Glycobiology, Pulmonary Vascular Disease


  • FacultyPhotoBarneyAssociate Professor

    Areas of Interest:
    Pulmonary Fibrosis, Sarcoidosis, Interstitial Lung Disease


  • FacultyPhotoBatraUpdateAssistant Professor
    Director, Interventional Pulmonary and Pleural Disease Program

    Areas of Interest:
    Interventional Pulmonology, Lung Cancer, Pleural Disease, Critical Care


  • FacultyPhotoBelopolskyAssistant Professor

    Areas of Interest:
    Lung Cancer


  • FacultyPhotoBernardUpdateAssistant Professor

    Areas of Interest:
    Lung Injury-Repair, Myofibroblast Biology


  • FacultyPhotoBhattAssociate Professor
    Medical Director, Pulmonary Function and Exercise Physiology Laboratory and UAB Telehealth Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program 
    Director, UAB Lung Imaging Core

    Areas of Interest:
    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease


  • FacultyPhotoBirketUpdateAssistant Professor

    Areas of Interest:
    CFTR dysfunction, the airway epithelium, and properties of airway mucus in cystic fibrosis


  • FacultyPhotoBlalockDistinguished Professor, UAB School of Medicine
    Nancy E. Dunlap, M.D. Endowed Chair in Pulmonary Disease

    Areas of Interest:
    Neutrophilic Inflammation


  • FacultyPhotoBodduluriInstructor

    Areas of Interest:
    Medical Image Analysis and Machine Learning


  • FacultyPhotoBonnerProfessor Emeritus

    Areas of Interest:
    Allergic Rhinitis, Urticaria, Angioedema, Anaphylaxis, Asthma


  • FacultyPhotoBriggs Professor Emeritus

    Areas of Interest
    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Interstitial Lung Disease

  • FacultyPhotoBuchalterUpdateProfessor
    Vice President of Chief Strategy and Quality Officer

    Areas of Interest
    Pulmonary Barotrauma

  • FacultyPhotoCarterProfessor
    Scientific Director of the Interstitial Lung Disease Program
    Endowed Professor of Lung Biology

    Areas of Interest: Interstitial Lung Diseases

  • FacultyPhotoChandaAssistant Professor

    Areas of Interest:
    Stem Cells, Tissue Injury Repair, and Pulmonary Fibrosis


  • FacultyPhotoChengAssociate Professor

    Areas of Interest:
    NOX Enzymes, Peroxidases, and Lung Host Defenses