Research Faculty

  • Bonner, James A., M.D.

    Bonner uab radiation oncology chairman

    Merle M. Salter Endowed Professor and Chairman
    UAB Health Services Foundation Immediate Past President

    Areas of Interest:
    Head and neck, metastatic disease

  • Bredel, Markus, M.D., Ph.D.

    Markus Bredel 2

    Sharon A. Spencer Distinguished Endowed Chair in Translational Radiation Oncology
    Director of Functional Brain Radiosurgery and Head of Brain Tumor Research
    Deputy Associate Director for Translational Research-UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center

    Areas of Interest:
    Brain, Central Nervous System, Breast, & Metastatic disease

  • Buchsbaum, Donald, Ph.D.

    donald buchsbaum uab radiation oncology

    Director, Division of Radiation Biology

  • Fiveash, John, M.D.

    John Fiveash UAB radiation oncology

    Senior Vice Chair for Academic Programs
    Robert Y. Kim Outstanding Educator Endowed Chair

    Areas of Interest:
    Brain, Central Nervous System, Metastatic disease

  • McDonald, Andrew, M.D.

    Andrew McDonald uab radiation oncologyAssistant Professor
    Director, Radiation Oncology Residency Program
    Member, Institute for Cancer Outcomes and Survivorship

    Areas of Interest:
    GI, GU, Head and Neck, Metastatic disease

  • Popple, Richard, Ph.D.

    Richard Popple uab radiation oncology

    Professor and Assistant Vice Chair for Medical Physics
    Director, Medical Physics Division

    Head of Treatment Design and Delivery

    Areas of Interest: 
    Medical physics

  • Shi, Lewis Zhichang MD, PhD

    Lewis ShiAssociate Professor

  • Willey, Christopher, M.D., Ph.D.

    Christopher Willey uab radiation oncologyProfessor

    Areas of Interest:
    Head and Neck, Brain, Metastatic disease

  • Yang, Eddy, M.D., Ph.D.

    Eddy Yang uab radiation oncologyProfessor
    Vice Chairman for Translational Science
    Deputy Director and Associate Director for Precision Oncology,
    Hugh Kaul Precision Medicine Institute
    Program co-Leader Experimental Therapeutics,
    UAB Compreshensive Cancer Center
    ROAR Southeast Cancer Foundation Endowed Chair

    Areas of Interest:

  • Zhang, Zhuo M.D., Ph.D.

     Zhuo Zhang uab radiation oncologyAssistant Professor