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The UAB Nanostring Laboratory in the Department of Radiation Oncology, managed by Jianqing Zhang (jianqing@uab.edu), houses the nCounter Analysis System by Nanostring Technologies (Seattle, WA). This platform enables the profiling of hundreds of targets simultaneously with high sensitivity and precision, even in formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissues, without the need for amplification steps except in single cell or low cell number experiments. The system utilizes a novel digital technology that is based on direct multiplexed quantification of nucleic acids and provides highly reproducible data over 5 logs of dynamic range. Applications include gene expression analysis, microRNA and lncRNA analysis, copy number variation analysis, and ChIP-String analysis, and leukemia fusion gene analysis. Additionally, using the nCounter Elements Tagsets, users may assemble their own assays as part of development of a novel laboratory developed test.

Nanostring’s digital profiling technology can be used to explore the fundamental roles of signaling pathways in various biological systems. Pre-constructed panels available include the PanCancer Pathways Panel (encoding 770 essential cancer pathway and driver genes), the Human Kinase Panel (519 human kinases), the Human Immunology Panel (594 immune-related genes), microRNA Panels (Human, Mouse, Rat, or Drosophila microRNAs derived from miRBase), the Cancer Copy Number Variation Assay (87 genes commonly amplified or deleted in cancer [avg 3 probes/region]), and others. Importantly, custom panels may be developed to assay specific genes or pathways of interest depending on investigator needs.

For more information, please contact Jianqing Zhang (jianqing@uab.edu) or visit the Nanostring website.

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