Translational ResearchSM

The image above is an expression of a new protein biomarker identified by researchers in the Radiation Oncology Translational Research Program that portends unfavorable prognosis in glioblastoma patients independent of traditional clinico-pathologic tumor features.

The Translational Research Program addresses both translational and basic science questions that will bring novel therapeutic trials for our patients and discover biomarkers of treatment sensitivity and/or resistance. Our team of scientists, physicians, and physician-scientists work together to advance cancer treatments by bridging research from the bench to the bedside and back to the bench.

  • Testing of rational combinations of experimental therapies with or without radiotherapy
  • Investigating the role of cell signaling pathways in radiation treatment effectiveness
  • Identifying novel therapeutic approaches to treat high-grade gliomas
  • Assessing subtypes of cancers based on biomarkers that can determine prognosis and sensitivity treatments for precision medicine