Pushin’ On is a digital newsletter published to provide persons with SCI and their families with information of interest.  The newsletter is offered 2 times per year and sent electronically to subscribers to the UAB-SCIMS Email List, and it is posted online for our follows on facebook and twitter.

Pushin’ On PDF archive for the last 10 years: Cover

Volume 36(1), 2018
  • Headline news
  • Surgical and Reconstructive Treatment of Pressure Injuries
  • New ultra-portable wheelchair
  • Utility wheelchair concept

Volume 35(2), 2017
  • Headline news
  • One woman's experiences with pregnancies after SCI
  • Q&As about having children after SCI
  • New manual standing wheelchair
  • Voice-controlled exoskeleton

Volume 35(1), 2017
  • Headline news
  • Small changes in health can be a sign of a serious health condition
  • Q&As about cardiovascular Diseases and SCI
  • New home sperm test
  • hands-free choice to control everything

Volume 34(2), 2016

  • Headline news
  • What women with disabilities need to know about cancer screenings
  • Learn about women's health after SCI
  • Wheelchair accessible baby crib
  • Return of the iBOT

Volume 34(1), 2016

  • Headline news
  • Find out what “equal access” to healthcare means when it comes to the Law and the real world
  • Learn the key differences between sadness and depression
  • See a futuristic-looking power wheelchair you can now buy and learn how “Alexa” can make your smart home smarter 

Volume 33(2), 2015

  • Headline news you need to know
  • Common sense ways to help prevent urinary tract infection
  • Learn the difference between cold, flu and pneumonia
  • See the newest accessible SUV along with a wheelchair scale that you can use at home

Volume 33(1), 2015

  • Headline news
  • How has SCI healthcare changed over the years?
  • We answer your questions about dealing with the summer heat after SCI
  • See two breakthroughs in unpowered assistive devices

Volume 32(2), 2014

  • See our new digital newsletter.
  • Headline news you need to know.
  • Learn how to transform your dumb home into a smart home you can control with your smartphone or tablet.
  • We answer your questions about oral care after spinal cord injury. 
  • See the latest in powered push-assist devices for your manual wheelchair.

Volume 32(1), 2014

  • Headline news
  • Questions and answers on research for a cure
  • "Handy" tech items for manual wheelchair users

Volume 31(2), 2013

  • Weight Management and Spinal Cord Injury: Exercise

Volume 31(1), 2013

  • Weight Management and Spinal Cord Injury: Nutrition

Volume 30, 2012*

  • Weight Management and Spinal Cord Injury: Understanding Obesity

Volume 29, 2011*

  • Caring for a Loved One (Part 2)
  • Factors predicting depression among persons with spinal cord injury 1 to 5 years post injury.
  • Life satisfaction in people with spinal cord injury during the first five years after discharge from inpatient rehabilitation

Volume 28, 2010*

  • Caring for a Loved One (Part 1)
  • Bladder Management after Spinal Cord Injury in the United States 1972 to 2005
  • Bladder cancer in spinal cord injury patients

Volume 27(2), 2009

  • How to Do Daily Pressure Reliefs
  • Management of neuropathic pain following spinal cord injury: now and in the future
  • Pain after Spinal Cord Injury: A Review of Classification, Treatment Approaches, and Treatment Assessment

Volume 27(1), 2009

  • Basics of Selecting a Wheelchair
  • Evaluating knowledge of autonomic dysreflexia among individuals with spinal cord injury and their families
  • Measuring depression in persons with spinal cord injury: a systematic review

Volume 26(2), 2008

  • Does my body have both good and bad bacteria?
  • Vardenafi l improves ejaculation success rates and self-confidence n men with erectile dysfunction due to spinal cord injury.
  • Protection and repair of the injured spinal cord: a review of completed, ongoing, and planned clinical trials for acute spinal cord injury

Volume 26(1), 2008

  • Is it a Heart Attack?
  • Hypothermia for Spinal Cord Injury
  • Emerging Drugs for Spinal Cord Injury

Volume 25(2), 2007

  • Innovations for Daily Living
  • Benefiting from PT and OT Services Beyond Initial Rehabilitation
  • Use of Neurologic Examination to Predict Awareness and Control of Lower Urinary Tract Function Post Spinal Cord Injury
  • Pressure Sore Stage Update

*Year with only one issue published
^eNewsletter only.