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Drs. Hardiman and Smithson

The UAB Department of Surgery established the UAB Women in Surgery Program in 2016 to provide camaraderie and community for women surgeons and to encourage women medical students to choose surgical specialties.

Statement of Purpose

We aim to support women in surgery at UAB though local/regional connections and coordination with national organizations. UAB Women in Surgery is part of a broader institutional effort to improve the quality of care we provide to our patients and to optimize our organizational culture at all levels of training and practice through diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Women in Surgery Lectureship

The annual Women is Surgery Lectureship is a lectureship series founded in celebration of the advancements of women in the field of surgery. Each spring, the UAB Women in Surgery invite a dynamic female surgeon to speak on her topic of choice, which is often centered around experiences of navigating and reclaiming a traditionally male-dominant industry. All are welcome to attend the lectureship, which is can be a reflective opportunity for everyone. The lectureship is part of the Department of Surgery‚Äôs annual Champ Lyons Lecture Series and is supported by the Champ Lyons Lectureship Fund.