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Interested applicants should complete the online application and upload the required attachments, including a transcript, resumé and essay, each as a PDF. One letter of recommendation is also required and should be submitted separately, by the recommender, through the form below. The complete application, including the letter of recommendation, is due Feb. 16, 2024, at 5 p.m. CST. 

Please enter your name.
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Please indicate the name of the student for whom this recommendation was written.
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Please describe your relationship with this student, including how you know them and for how long you've known them.
Please rate the following characteristics of this student, compared to those of other students in the same grade.
Please indicate this student's leadership ability.
Please indicate how well you expect this student to work on a team.
Please indicate how well this student communicates, in both a written and oral setting.
Please indicate the strength of this student's work ethic.
Please indicate this student's general enthusiasm and motivation.
Please explain why you rated any of the above traits as Below Average or Poor.
Via the file upload below, please provide a letter of recommendation. It is helpful if the letter describes the student’s strengths and weaknesses, examples of their leadership skills, ability to work as a team and work ethic. Additionally, please mention any special considerations that would help the selection committee make an informed decision.
Please attach your letter of recommendation as a PDF.
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