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General surgery residents

Residency Programs

Each of the UAB Department of Surgery’s four residency programs provides trainees with a wealth of clinical experiences and unique opportunities for specialization.

Our Cardiothoracic Surgery Residency Program provides residents with clinically oriented instruction in every aspect of cardiac and thoracic surgery, while our General Surgery Residency Program allows residents to train in both traditional and robotic surgery techniques at a high-volume tertiary care setting. As part of the Vascular Integrated Residency trainees receive robust general surgery, as well as vascular surgery, training, and our Plastic Surgery Residency Program co-operates with other specialties to give residents experience with some of the most difficult cases such as burns, congenital deformities and reconstruction surgery.

Research Training Programs

The UAB Surgical Oncology Research Training Program provides a two-year research fellowship for surgical residents with an emphasis on tailored cancer research training.

Training Amidst a Pandemic

As the world first scrambled to cope with a global pandemic, medical training programs across the U.S. were not immune to the pressures of upholding their missions of patient care and academia. As we reflect on our experience, UAB Department of Surgery residents have a message of gratitude for hospital and department leadership as well as the community during this difficult time.

To view all surgical and subspecialty surgical residents, click to view our 2023-2024 House Staff Booklet:

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