Mission Statement

The UAB Division of GI Surgery is dedicated to excellence in the care of all patients while advancing surgical knowledge through innovative research and training future surgeons in a diverse, inclusive environment. 

Vision Statement

To be the premier destination for high-value surgical care that is comprehensive, compassionate and patient-centered for patients and families in our community, our region and the nation.

We are guided in our pursuit of our vision and mission by these core values:

  • Our patients’ trust can only be earned and kept by providing excellent care with open and honest communication about expectations with a commitment to integrity and accountability.
  • All patients should be treated with dignity and compassion, and their wishes and concerns will be taken seriously.
  • The art of surgery is constantly evolving. We value life-long learning to keep our skills up to date and to adopt new technological advances.
  • As a team, we foster a state of intellectual curiosity accepting diversity in skills, talents and interests so that we can help each other learn from our practice and continuously improve our care. 
  • We will advance the field of surgery by conducting rigorous research that continuously evaluates surgical practice, promotes innovation within the field, and by disseminating our findings to our colleagues.
  • We embrace the responsibility of training future surgeons who will share our commitment to compassion, curiosity, and excellence.