Drs. Gutnik, Hardiman, and YangUAB General Surgery Residency Program Director Britney Corey, M.D., MACM, FACS, has named three new faculty as assistant program directors: Lily Gutnik, M.D., global surgery; Karin Hardiman, M.D., Ph.D., resident research; and George Yang, M.D., Ph.D., educational curriculum.

Gutnik, Hardiman, and Yang join Corey and Associate Director Graeme McFarland, M.D., as the team of leaders that supports the General Surgery Residency Program. Corey and McFarland were named program director and associate program director, respectively, in 2020.

Corey looks forward to the work that the team will be able to accomplish.

“Each of these faculty has a great wealth of knowledge and experience that they bring to the table for our residents,” said Corey. “With the support of department leadership, I know that we will propel our program and its residents to new heights.”

The General Surgery Residency Program at UAB provides an outstanding clinical experience with many unique opportunities including research participation, extensive robotic surgery training, international training opportunities and more.