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Early in the Fall semester of Year 1, a ‘Meet and Greet’ workshop between MERIT Scholars and potential MERIT Teaching Mentors are held at both Oakwood University and Stillman College. The purpose of these workshops is three-fold: i) to introduce MERIT Scholars and potential teaching mentors; ii) to review the structure of the MERIT Program for potential teaching mentors; and iii) to create a sense of community between the MERIT Scholars and the teaching faculty at Oakwood University and Stillman College.

During the Spring of Year 1, each MERIT Scholar selects a MERIT Teaching Mentor at a participating partner institution. Through the ‘Meet and Greet’ workshops and the observations of on-going classes, MERIT Scholars have become familiar with the faculty at both institutions and are able to identify a faculty member with whom they wish to complete his/her teaching instruction. The Co-Director for Teaching Instruction meets with each Scholar to assist in the decision-making process.

The selected faculty member requires approval by the Co-Director for Institutional Liaison at the respective institution. The Co-Directors at both institutions ensure that selected faculty are outstanding academicians, exhibit excellence in teaching, and are at an appropriate stage of their careers to serve as MERIT Teaching Mentors. In addition, the Co-Directors at both institutions together with the Program Director and Co-Director for Teaching Instruction meet with the MERIT Teaching Mentors as a group to review the requirements and expectations of the MERIT Program; this meeting is held immediately following the conclusion of the annual MERIT Program Retreat, which is held each July.

It is expected that all MERIT Scholars select their Teaching Mentors by the end of the Spring semester. Should any Scholar have difficulty in identifying a potential Teaching Mentor or if the selected faculty member does not receive approval for Teaching Mentor status, then the Co-Director for Teaching Instruction will meet directly with the MERIT Scholar together with the Co-Directors for Institutional Liaison at Oakwood University and Stillman to identify an appropriate faculty member to serve as the MERIT Teaching Mentor.

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