What drives Charles Coleman? Follow along on this recent graduate's quest for understanding and reconciliation across cultures.
An oral history of the development of monoclonal antibodies, the foundation of today's most exciting new drug therapies.
Students in UAB's Science and Technology Honors Program explore the unknown through gene-editing technology.
A successful Phase 2 clinical trial of the cMethDNA blood test could lead to a quick way to evaluate the efficacy of cancer treatment. Catalyzing these crucial studies is the purpose of the Translational Breast Cancer Research Consortium.
Transportation engineers in UAB's TRENDLab are studying the effects of ridesharing, autonomous vehicles and other new technologies on roadway congestion. They're also looking at fresh solutions to an age-old highway problem: work zone delays.
Undergraduate Brandon Schoening is using language learning to help bring safety education to a U.S. company's international plants.
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