Kathryn Oliver is a graduate student helping to develop new treatments for cystic fibrosis, and the mother of a four-year-old coping with the disease. She has learned to combine both perspectives to help lay audiences understand "the importance of the research we conduct at UAB."
A UAB faculty member and an alumna help teens see a future in computer science.
Aaron Landis will work with researcher Robert Sorge and explore Birmingham as one of the inaugural recipients of the President's Summer Research scholarships.
UAB researcher Sarah Parcak, Ph.D., has already shown the world how to find ancient sites from space. Now her graduate student is using remote sensing data to find a different kind of hidden treasure: uranium.
With one of UAB's inaugural President's Summer Research scholarships, undergraduate Marina Triplett is exploring a DNA topology puzzle that could point to better cancer drugs.
UAB graduate student Elizabeth Bevan is using drones to document previously unexplored habits of turtles in the Gulf of Mexico.
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