Discoveries in the Making concludes fall series on Dec. 10

Discoveries in the Making speakers present on a variety of topics and new discoveries found through research.

Discoveries2Hosted by the University of Alabama at Birmingham Graduate School, Discoveries in the Making will give graduate students and postdoctoral researchers an opportunity to share their exciting new discoveries with the public on Tuesday, Dec. 10, at The Lumbar in Birmingham.

The upcoming talk in the final Discoveries in the Making series include:

Tuesday, Dec. 10

Speaker: Colleen Anusiewicz; Title: “Causes and consequences of nurse bullying in Alabama hospitals” 

Summary: United States health care organizations continue to experience pressure to provide safe, high-quality patient care in a constantly evolving health care landscape. The presence of workplace bullying in the nursing profession may undermine safety culture in the workplace, potentially affecting nursing care and patient outcomes. This presentation will present preliminary findings of the organizational characteristics and patient outcomes associated with nurse-reported workplace bullying in health care organizations located throughout Alabama. 

Speaker: Nicole Gallups; Title: “T cells in Multiple System Atrophy: Good guys turned bad?” 

Summary: Multiple system atrophy is a neurological condition similar to Parkinson’s disease but with no treatment options, and it is fatal. Gallups’ research has shown that the immune system plays an important role in the disease progression. She hopes to provide a possible treatment for MSA by manipulating the immune system. 

The Discoveries in the Making series is free and open to the public. A complete schedule is available online.