31st annual UAB ASME Egg Drop returns April 8

The 31st annual UAB ASME Egg Drop Contest will be held April 8 after a two-year break due to the pandemic.
Written by: Grant Martin
Media contact: Brianna Hoge

Egg Drop StreamPhotography: Steve WoodAfter a two-year hiatus, the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s American Society of Mechanical Engineers Egg Drop Contest will return to Vulcan Park on Friday, April 8. Nearly 200 area students will attempt to achieve what seems impossible — dropping raw eggs from the top of Vulcan without breaking the eggs. 

The objective is to inspire engineering thought and design in students. Participants will be asked to design apparatuses that will protect a raw egg from breaking when dropped from the top of Vulcan’s more than 100-foot pedestal.

Entries will be judged on engineering thought and creativity, mass of the apparatus, and the ease with which the egg is loaded into the apparatus.

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