Fan the flame by supporting impactful projects on UAB Giving Day

Blazers unite on UAB Giving Day to fund projects across campus that impact student-, faculty- and staff-powered projects.

giving day 2018Everyone has a passion project – a topic that fuels their desire to make a difference. On April 12, the University of Alabama at Birmingham launches its third annual Giving Day, I Heart UAB. The online fundraising initiative has selected 27 passion-fueled projects for donors to help student-, faculty- and staff-powered projects reach the next level of success.

“UAB Giving Day supports projects that touch every corner of the UAB campus, from arts to medicine, athletics, engineering, business and beyond,” said Tom Brannon, vice president for the UAB Office of Development and Alumni Affairs. “Together, we have the opportunity to make so many good things happen for UAB’s people, programs and community.”

Another project is the UAB Center for Community OutReach Development, which was established by the College of Arts and Sciences in 1998 to advance the outreach efforts of UAB in the Birmingham community. CORD’s primary focus is on advancing kindergarten through 12th-grade science education in the area and throughout the state and nation. Its focus is on developing programs that will decrease the regional, race and gender disparities in science, math and engineering by early engagement of students in science and the development of their competitiveness for the best college science and math programs. Helping fund these programs through UAB Giving Day will strengthen America’s position as the economic leader in science and technology.

Stop the Bleed, a nationwide campaign organized by the American College of Surgeons, is one of the projects where donors can make an impact within the Birmingham community. UAB trauma surgeons are visiting schools around Birmingham to teach bleeding control techniques to teachers. Military battlefield medicine and, more poignantly, mass shooting events in America have resulted in tourniquets’ returning to favor in cases of severe bleeding, especially in the absence of quick professional medical response.

Read more about UAB Giving Day projects:

One Place Family Justice Center aims to create a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) program where survivors of sexual assault will have access to a forensic exam and evidence can be collected following an assault. The on-site nurse provides survivors an opportunity to have a medical exam in a safe, trauma-informed environment, in the same location where many other supportive services are available to them. The Jefferson County location, near UAB, offers victims and survivors of assault additional service provided by the Crisis Center’s Rape Response program. The program is in partnership with the School of Nursing, Student Affairs Student Health Services and UAB Police.

Other projects include:

  • Antarctic Climate Research
  • School of Education’s Center for Urban Education’s Urban Teacher Education Program
  • Blazer Motorsports
  • Honors College Senior Gift Campaign
  • Honors Student Enrichment Support
  • UAB iLab
  • Child Development Center’s Develop by Play
  • Medical Alumni Association Dean’s Scholarship Fund
  • Equal Access Birmingham
  • Nurse Family Partnership
  • LGBTQ Endowed Chair in the School of Public Health
  • Community Eye Care
  • Be the Difference: Student Athlete Scholarships
  • SANE Nurse
  • Sustainable Solar Neighborhood
  • First Generation Scholars
  • Alabama Organ Center Educational Resources
  • School of Dentistry Community Care Clinic
  • UAB Family Fund
  • Academy for Addressing Health Disparities through Health Care Leadership
  • Comprehensive Cancer Center Fund for Excellence
  • School of Medicine
  • UAB Adolescent Substance Abuse Program
  • Discoveries in the Making

Supporters can “Fan the Flame” through donations to projects by visiting