UAB Medicine hosting lunch-and-learn series on post-COVID symptoms

The nine sessions of the lunch-and-learn will cover a host of issues from loss of smell to brain fog.

Health care worker is wearing a PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) face mask and gloves while taking the temperature of a female patient. The nine sessions of the lunch-and-learn will cover a host of issues from loss of smell to brain fog.
(Photo by: Steve Wood)
Nearly 33 million people in the United States have gotten COVID-19 since the virus first appeared in January 2020, including over 540,000 in Alabama. Most fully recover within days or weeks of their infection, but others suffer from post-COVID symptoms much longer. UAB Medicine experts are hosting a weekly lunch-and-learn virtual series this summer to help the public better understand and manage post-COVID symptoms, which are sometimes called “long COVID” or “post-COVID syndrome.”

In November 2020, UAB Medicine launched a Post-COVID Treatment Program designed to help patients receive proper follow-up care in the weeks and months after their recovery process began. This team of UAB Medicine professionals — representing a wide range of medical specialties — will make presentations and answer questions submitted by registrants during this nine-week Zoom series.

“The symptoms and long-term effects we are seeing in post-COVID-19 patients span across a number of medical disciplines,” said Turner Overton, M.D., professor of medicine at UAB and medical director of the Post-COVID Treatment Program. “Some patients have issues with breathing. Others need to see specialists in cardiology, neurology or other fields. The lunch-and-learn series will provide experts in a variety of fields to answer questions that those recovering from COVID-19 might have.”

What is post-COVID?

Post-COVID symptoms are defined as new, returning or ongoing health problems that people can experience four weeks or more after first being infected with the virus that causes COVID-19. In some cases, those who had no symptoms (or mild symptoms) when first infected with the virus can have post-COVID symptoms. Also, these symptoms are not always the same as any symptoms they experienced when first infected.

Overton says the series should help those infected with COVID-19 better understand their recovery process and make more informed decisions on appropriate care for any lingering issues. Some might be best handled by a patient’s primary care provider. Others might require referral to the Post-COVID Treatment Program. Persons with more serious symptoms might need evaluation at an acute care facility or emergency department.  

The first lunch-and-learn is scheduled for Wednesday, June 2, at noon, with Overton presenting general information and answering questions. These live Zoom webinars will continue through Aug. 4. To register for any of the sessions, or to watch recordings of the sessions later, please visit

The schedule for the series is as follows:

June 2

  • Topic: Overview of COVID-19 Disease and Post-COVID
  • Description: Review the current knowledge about SARS-CoV-2 infection and COVID-19 disease and provide an overview of post-COVID symptoms and the common experiences patients are reporting
  • Presenter: Turner Overton, M.D.

June 9

  • Topic: Post-COVID Symptoms and the Cardiovascular System
  • Description: Review current knowledge about the cardiovascular effects of COVID-19 infection, and the extent to which cardiovascular complications may contribute to post-COVID symptoms
  • Presenter: Gilbert Perry, M.D.

June 23

  • Topic: Neurologic Complications With Post-COVID Syndrome
  • Description: Review of neurologic symptoms and non-pharmacological management of post-COVID symptoms
  • Presenter: Shruti Agnihotri, M.D.

June 30

  • Topic: Lung Complications After COVID-19 Infection
  • Description: Discussion about common respiratory symptoms and care processes after COVID-19 infection, and what to expect
  • Presenter: Dhaval Raval, M.D.

July 7

  • Topic: Hair Loss and Hives: Post-COVID Symptoms in Dermatology
  • Description: Discussion of alopecia and urticaria after COVID infection and COVID vaccine reactions
  • Presenter: Carly Elston, M.D.

July 14

  • Topic: What Just Happened to My Smell? Treatment Options After Losing Smell With COVID-19
  • Description: Discuss the nose/sinus symptoms related to COVID-19 infection, focusing on the smell loss; explore therapeutic options after losing smell 
  • Presenter: Do-Yeon Cho, M.D.

July 21

  • Topic: Brain Fog, Insomnia and Stress: Coping After COVID
  • Description: Review of common cognitive and emotional symptoms post-COVID and strategies that can help
  • Presenter: Kristine Lokken, Ph.D.

July 28

  • Topic: Did COVID Kick You in the Gut?
  • Description: Three common post-COVID GI symptoms, and when to see a doctor
  • Presenter: Amanda Cartee, M.D.

Aug. 4 

  • Topic: Post-COVID Syndrome and Your Primary Care Provider
  • Description: Brief review of treatment options and discussion of when specialty referral is needed
  • Presenter: Stuart Cohen, M.D.