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The Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s program in the UAB Department of Physics has been recognized as a Top 25 Best Online program by The Bachelor’s Degree Center.
A College of Arts and Sciences professor received a five-year grant to fund the collaborative research for microbes associated with marine invertebrates using computational approaches.
Honors College student Leah Perz will graduate this Saturday, May 2, with her parents following her footsteps, for all to be a part of the UAB Blazer community.
A UAB instructor gave his students the chance to work on a group ideation drone project, developing new ways to use drones for farming.
UAB expert Gary Warner and UAB Information Technology provide tips on how to protect yourself from cybercrime during the coronavirus pandemic.
Follow the recommended guidelines for filling out the 2020 Census form to better protect yourself from cyberphishing attacks, plus other details you should know.
Research results show that brain-computer interfaces is one source of caused leaked medical and personal information among particular individuals.
Arsh Arora will graduate this fall with a doctorate degree in Interdisciplinary Engineering with a focus on cyber security.
UAB computer science experts provide advice on how to protect your personal information from mobile devices and smart speakers.
A UAB professor provides best practices to combat the national robocall epidemic.
UAB researchers examine how the human brain deciphers the difference between legitimate speakers versus synthesized speakers.
UAB study suggests individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder may not be more prone to cyber phishing attacks compared to those without the disorder.
Security tips on protecting your identity during online and in-store holiday shopping sprees.
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