Kumar awarded grant from the National Science Foundation

A nearly $600,000 grant from the National Science Foundation has been awarded to a UAB Department of Computer Science assistant professor.

 1Stream Sidharth Kumar 3Sidharth Kumar, Ph.D.
Photography: Steve Wood
The University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Sidharth Kumar, Ph.D., assistant professor in the College of Arts and SciencesDepartment of Computer Science, has received a grant from the National Science Foundation.

The $599,852 grant will fund the collaborative research project of Kumar and Utah State University titled, “Collaborative Research: SHF: Small: Scalable and Extensible I/O Runtime and Tools for Next Generation Adaptive Data Layouts.”

Kumar, who is principal investigator of the project, says the funding will support two doctoral students who will conduct cutting-edge research in the field of high-performance computing, focusing on large-scale data management and scientific visualization. 

He hopes that their research will develop new algorithms and techniques to alleviate the data movement burden on large-scale supercomputers, with the goal to facilitate scalable parallel input/output, progressive in situ and post hoc data analysis.

“We aim to develop production-ready solutions that can be deployed on supercomputers and can be used by users across domains,” Kumar said.