People of UAB

UAB Professor of Psychiatry named to national suicide prevention organization board.

A UAB School of Optometry professor has received a career award from a state association.
The National Academy of Inventors elects another UAB faculty member, Dr. Robert Kimberly, as a fellow.

Questions about human aggression, violence and oppression are answered in a documentary featuring Douglas P. Fry, Ph.D.

Chandler Stisher, a fourth-year medical student, will serve as the student representative for one year.

This national honor recognizes Kearney’s distinguished contributions to immunology.

A psychology professor discusses Alzheimer’s disease signs and  symptoms and the caregiving experience on television show “Second Opinion.”
Ingram was sick and no one knew the cause, until the right doctors on the right night saved his life.
Taichman joins UAB as the ninth dean of the School of Dentistry.
Six students further space research through grants provided by NASA.
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