UAB was part of a national, multisite study that showed a drug for multiple sclerosis was effective in slowing down brain atrophy, or shrinkage.
UAB-led study determines the best breathing tube for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.
UAB will fill a gap in the stroke belt as it joins StrokeNet, a national research consortium.
“Listening-Watch” a program utilizing wearable devices and speech for two-factor authentication, thwarts potential mobile device attacks while requiring minimal effort from the user.
An award to UAB researchers is aimed to determine effects of arsenicals and ways to treat exposure in the future.
The grant, received from the NIH, aims to provide a better option for patients than what is already available.
The goal is an early warning system to block incipient seizures for patients where medications have failed.
An increased association with STI in a vaginitis screening population has been found by a UAB researcher.
This remarkable ability has clinical implications for humans.
The National Cancer Institute highlighted research from UAB that shows how the epigenetic plant-based diet in mice can prevent cancer more effectively at younger ages.
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