Metabolomic NMR — the 600 MHz NMR System

The Bruker Avance III HD 600 MHz NMR system is designed for NMR-metabolomics applications. With Bruker BioSpin's AMIX program, the facility can provide NMR-based metabolomics studies to augment existing translational medicine capabilities at UAB. The AMIX software fully integrates spectroscopic and statistical analysis of NMR, HPLC, and LS-MS data to better valid metabolomic results.

NMR 600The capabilities provided by metabolic profiling of tissue samples and body fluids provide considerable potential in bridging basic andtranslational medicine at UAB. Metabolomic NMR methods are currently being developed that will facilitate the diagnosis of various diseases including cancer as well as provide avenues for individualized treatment protocol optimization. They will also provide a high-throughput platform for characterization, staging, and treatment planning for cancer patients.

With the new capabilities provided by the Central Alabama High Field NMR Facility, UAB is in a unique position to combine NMR, proteomics, bioinformatics, and the medical expertise afforded by the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center to lead innovation in diagnosis and treatment strategies.

The Bruker Avance III HD-600 MHz NMR with Cryoprobe is internationally accepted as the benchmark instrument for metabolic profiling, enabling UAB scientists and clinicians to investigate tissue samples and biofluids from patients taking part in studies, or from model systems of the various diseases. Researchers will use the NMR instrumentation for rapid, high-throughput analyses, aiming for characterization, treatment planning and monitoring of cancer patients. With the SampleCase accessory, multiple samples can be loaded for high-throughput screening. The ultimate goal for NMR metabolic profiling will be to provide clinicians with more detailed diagnostic information that can improve treatment for an individual patient.SaveSave