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  • Vegetable gardening

    Study: Vegetable gardening can improve health outcomes for cancer survivors

  • Scale

    Does your body really fight against weight loss? This scientist explains why the research says no.

  • Kathryn Kaiser, PhD

    Q&A: Genetic Disparities Influence Obesity and Cardiometabolic Health Across Race & Sex

  • W. Timothy Garvey, M.D., and Andrea Cherrington, M.D.

    UAB researchers part of GRADE study investigating glucose medications in Type 2 diabetes

  • James Rimmer, Ph.D.

    Rimmer to Receive Marchase Award on Core Day

  • Food Sodium

    Reducing salt intake can reduce blood pressure, study finds

  • Yabing Chen

    Passion for vascular disease research yields $5 million in NIH funding for Yabing Chen

  • UAB researchers, Naman Shetty, M.D., (left) and Pankaj Arora, M.D. (right)

    UAB researchers demonstrate how genetics play a role in the development of hypertension

  • Dean Assimos, M.D.

    Nanorobots, genetic testing, better lasers — a kidney stone pioneer looks to the future

  • NORC UWIRC Announcement

    NORC UWIRC Announcement

  • Food Insecurity

    New research investigates the impact of food security on college students’ health, stress and well-being

  • Casey D. Morrow, Ph.D. and Hyunmin Koo, Ph.D.

    Fecal microbe transplants: B. vulgatus genes that correlate with early colonization

  • Naman Shetty, M.D., (right) and Pankaj Arora, M.D., (left)

    UAB researchers first to define normal natriuretic peptide level range across lifespan of healthy US population

  • UAB diabetes expert serves up tailgating hacks to make football season fun and diabetes-friendly.

    Tackle football season with five diabetes-friendly tailgating tips

  • B-type natriuretic

    Study shows B-type natriuretic peptides lose prognostic value for clinical outcomes in LVAD recipients with cardiogenic shock

  • high protein foods

    Both high-protein and normal-protein diets are effective for T2D management

  • Cravings Crusher

    Cravings Crusher: How to manage cravings and stick to calorie goals

  • UAB

    NHLBI awards $36.7 million to UAB for continuation of CARDIA Study

  • New kidney function equation

    New kidney function equation may reduce health disparities by improving access to heart failure therapy in previously ineligible patients

  • Martin E. Young, D.Phil.

    Dr. Young elevated to Distinguished, University professorships

  • The future has much potential as the REACH Up and Out program hopes to continue to make an impact on the lives of Black women in the Deep South.

    REACH Up and Out program tackles health disparities to empower Black women in the Deep South

  • Naman Shetty, M.D., and Pankaj Arora, M.D.

    UAB study reveals alarming trend in cardiovascular health for foreign-born Asian Americans

  • Ferguson and Smith

    Ferguson, Smith receive ASF Outstanding Academic Mentor Award

  • Hyeyoung Nam, PhD

    Nam chosen as Named New Investigator for UAB Nutrition Obesity Research Center

  • 4 strategies

    Life coming at you too fast? Here are 4 strategies to help you stay strong


    UAB joins NIH in launching the Nutrition for Precision Health study to advance precision nutrition

  • Cruciferous vegetables

    Eat your veggies! UAB expert explains the science behind how cruciferous vegetables can help prevent cancer

  • Adam Wende, PhD

    Wende Receives 2023 Graduate Dean’s Award for Excellence in Mentorship

  • Alanis Stansberry

    Nutrition Sciences PhD Student Alanis Stansberry named Albert Schweitzer Fellow

  • Gecko

    Why do super-agers skew female? These researchers are drilling into the hottest hypotheses.

  • Jereme D. Wilroy, Ph.D.

    $3.3 million R01 grant funds research on telehealth cardio program for wheelchair users

  • diabetes minority youth

    UAB receives $3.7 million to study diabetes in minority youth

  • Yuying Chen, M.D., Ph.D.

    Yuying Chen, M.D., Ph.D. selected to receive the ACRM 2023 SCI-ISIG Margaret Nosek Award

  • Pregnant woman

    Three UAB studies look at obesity in-utero and how it affects offspring as part of four-center study

  • Erin E. Dooley, Ph.D.

    For older adults, every 500 additional steps taken daily associated with lower heart risk

  • Aaron Fobian, Ph.D.

    Fobian named 2023 Routh Early Career Award recipient

  • Girish Melkani, Ph.D.

    Rhythmic eating pattern preserves fruit fly muscle function under obese conditions

  • nutrition garden

    New major attracting students with unique, holistic approach to wellness in nutrition

  • Higher cardiorespiratory fitness

    Higher cardiorespiratory fitness in early adulthood, and keeping fitness through midlife, decreases cardiovascular-related disease and death

  • Wendy Demark-Wahnefried, Ph.D.

    Demark-Wahnefried named recipient of ASPO Joseph F. Fraumeni Jr. Distinguished Achievement Award

  • unhealthy eating

    Dieting for the new year? Learn more about unhealthy eating motives and how to break them

  • Shannon Bailey, Ph.D.

    Researcher receives grant to study impact of circadian rhythm disruptions on alcohol-related liver disease

  • precision cardiovascular medicine

    Researchers use precision cardiovascular medicine to prevent the development of heart diseases

  • diabetes test

    Coaching, food delivery and more: A new diabetes management study will soon enroll patients

  • Microbiology/NORC Pilot Grant Award

  • Aging and Diet

    Can intermittent fasting or calorie restriction slow the aging process?

  • W. Timothy Garvey, MD

    “Transformational” semaglutide can cut Type 2 diabetes risk by more than half

  • Pediatric Type 2 diabetes

    Rise in new-onset Type 2 diabetes among Alabama youth during COVID-19 pandemic

  • running women

    Aging: incorporating healthy habits for improved longevity

  • french fries

    Salt boosts blood pressure for some people. UAB study asks: Who?

  • NORC Pilot Funding Opportunity

  • obesity health disparities stream

    New research identifies complex contributors to obesity-related health disparities

  • Camille Worthington, PhD, RDN, LDN

    Worthington chosen as Named New Investigator for UAB Nutrition Obesity Research Center

  • nitric oxide

    A novel therapy ameliorates obesity and Type 2 diabetes in mice fed a high-fat diet

  •  measure blood pressure

    Arora receives $3.7 million grant to study precision treatment for high blood pressure

  • Weight loss

    Weight loss may take longer than expected due to metabolic adaptation

  • Ketones, ketogenic diet, ketosis

    The keto diet and its health benefits

  • James Hill, Ph.D.

    Hill receives funding for NIH precision nutrition study

  • Weight Scale

    UAB study: Could this five-second obesity management strategy keep the pounds off?

  • From side, three black women are jogging on paved trail in Railroad Park, 2019

    Turning New Year’s exercise resolutions into realistic, long-term habits

  • Andrea Cherrington, M.D.

    2021 Marchase Award winner Cherrington fights health disparities and chronic disease

  • Overhead schoot of granola with nuts mix, yogurt, fresh berries and honey on blue plate voor healthy breakfast

    Should you skip breakfast? Eat dinner early? Is intermittent fasting good for you? Two UAB studies look for volunteers

  • insulin test

    UAB researchers find that 40 percent of young American adults have insulin resistance and cardiovascular risk factors

  • salmon salad

    UAB trial studying diet composition — with no weight loss — to treat Type 2 diabetes

  • young woman looking at a piece of cake

    Mind over matter? Recognizing your hunger cues

  • Vibhu Parcha, M.D., and Pankaj Arora, M.D. (Photography: Aubrey Joyner and Andrea Mabry)

    Deaths from cardiovascular disease in the stroke belt surpasses rates elsewhere in the nation

  • Drew Sayer, Ph.D.

    Why doesn't weight loss work for me? Smarter studies aim for faster answers.

  • W. Timothy Garvey, MD

    W. Timothy Garvey selected to earn highest honor from AACE

  • Trygve Tollefsbol, Ph.D., D.O.

    Dr. Tollefsbol elevated to Distinguished, University professorships

  • Dr. Kevin Fontaine

    UAB School of Public Health to offer Remote Short Course with Indiana University focused on Behavioral Obesity Research

  • fried foods and sugary drinks

    The Southern diet — fried foods and sugary drinks — may raise risk of sudden cardiac death

  • Sonia Fargue, PhD

    Fargue chosen as Named New Investigator for UAB Nutrition Obesity Research Center

  • Close up of blood pressure gauge

    Are hormones from the heart responsible for high nighttime blood pressure?

  • body image

    Goss receives $3 million NIH grant for family-based diet intervention treating fatty liver disease in adolescents

  • Jennifer Pollock, Ph.D.

    Pollock to lead American Physiological Society

  • High consumption at night of branch chain amino acids — found in meats, eggs, fish and nuts — could negatively impact the heart

    High consumption at night of branch chain amino acids — found in meats, eggs, fish and nuts — could negatively impact the heart

  • Jayme Locke, M.D., MPH

    Locke secures third R01 grant in four years

  • black woman

    Not just counting calories: Study looks to disrupt obesity triggers that affect black women most

  • Ceren Yarar-Fisher, Ph.D.

    Yarar-Fisher received global academic leadership award

  • Phone

    Who will benefit from new ‘game-changing’ weight-loss drug semaglutide?

  • Obesity

    Obesity is associated with poor outcomes in heart failure, but achieving biomarker-based treatment target goals implies good prognosis

  • Valene Garr Barry, MS, PhD

    Garr Barry wins UAB Barker Award for Excellence

  • Drew Sayer

    Drew Sayer named inaugural Ronald L. and David B. Allison Endowed Scholar

  • Bertha Hidalgo, Ph.D.

    Research Goes Red grant allows for new research in women’s cardiovascular health promotion

  • Gordon Fisher, PhD

    UAB scientist receives NIH grant to explore how exercise can help cardiometabolic health in spinal cord injury patients

  • Soft drink consumption is a likely predictor of aggressive behavior, according to a new study from UAB.

    Spotlight: Carson Lands Back-to-Back R01 Grants for $4.6 Million

  • Soft drink consumption is a likely predictor of aggressive behavior, according to a new study from UAB.

    Frequent soft drink consumption may make adolescents more aggressive

  • high-fat diet

    Study focuses on low-carb, high-fat diet effect on older populations

  • Busting the 8 cups of water myth

    Busting the 8 cups of water myth

  • Glenn Rowe, Ph.D.

    UAB NORC chooses Rowe as 2020 Named New Investigator

  • Research project looks to understand how exercise affects your body all the way down to your molecules

    Research project looks to understand how exercise affects your body all the way down to your molecules

  • UAB screening for two web-based healthy lifestyle trials

    UAB screening for two web-based healthy lifestyle trials

  • Eating right and eating smart during COVID-19

    Eating right and eating smart during COVID-19

  • The study observed two diet types to test their impact on adolescents with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

    Carb-restricted diet may result in benefits for adolescents with fatty liver disease

  • Virginia Howard, Ph.D.

    Spending childhood, early adulthood in Stroke Belt increases risk of developing cognitive impairment later in life

  • Suzanne Judd, Ph.D.

    New study calculates damage of food and lifestyle choices on inflammation

  • Beth Kitchin and Eric Plaisance

    Wellness tips to get you over the New Year’s resolution slump

  • " "

    Anantharamaiah named to National Academy of Inventors

  • " "

    To Fast or Not to Fast

  • " "

    Elucidating the integrative role of an inflammation resolution sensor in obesity and heart failure

  • " "

    Wealth matters when it comes to obesity

  • "Anupam Agarwal, M.D. "

    Agarwal to become president of American Society of Nephrology

  • "Mike Wyss, Ph.D."

    Wyss receives presidential honor and award for mentoring in the field of STEM

  • "Sue Feldman, Ph.D., and Kristi Menear, Ph.D."

    Dr. Menear completes HERS Institute leadership program

  • "Barbara Gower, Ph.D."

    Gower embodies UAB’s collaborative spirit through cross-campus partnerships

  • "Gareth Dutton, PhD, and Kevin Fontaine, PhD""

    Study: Do daily weigh-ins help you lose weight?

  • " "

    Meal timing strategies appear to lower appetite, improve fat burning

  • "Jeralyn Langord"

    Jeralyn Langord Gives 1st Place Talk at Regional McNair Conference

  • "Dr. Kevin Fontaine"

    Fontaine receives R01 grant to study Obesity Management in Primary Care

  • "Ceren Yarar-Fisher, P.T., Ph.D."

    Yarar-Fisher receives R01 grant to study ketogenic diet effects on neurorecovery in spinal cord injury

  • "Wendy Demark-Wahnefried"

    Demark-Wahnefried selected for Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Huddleson award

  • "Fernando Ovalle, M.D."

    Ovalle named director of endocrinology at UAB

  • "William Grizzle, M.D., Ph.D."

    Grizzle recognized by ISBER with 2019 Founder’s Award

  • "Jianyi Zhang, M.D., Ph.D."

    Zhang inducted into the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering College of Fellows

  • "Bertha Hidalgo, Ph.D., MPH"

    Hidalgo receives early career achievement award

  • "Jessica Hoffman, Ph.D., and Steven Austad, Ph.D."

    UAB aging and longevity researchers win international prize

  • " "

    Study: Low-carb diet provides relief from knee osteoarthritis

  • "Monica Baskin, Ph.D."

    Baskin named president-elect of the Society of Behavioral Medicine

  • "Michael Saag, MD"

    Saag sworn in as member of Presidential Advisory Council of HIV/AIDS

  • "Ganesh Halade, PhD"

    High-fat diet and age alter gut microbes and immune response, causing inflamed state in heart failure

  • NORC Senior Scientist Monica Baskin and Predoctoral Scholar Valene Garr Barry, UAB President’s Diversity Champion Award Recipients 2019

  • NORC Postdoctoral Scholar Dr. Sarah Deemer awarded 1st place at 2019 Postdoctoral Research Day

  •  "Lorie Harper, M.D."

    Early screening for gestational diabetes in pregnant, obese women may be unhelpful

  •  "Ambika Ashraf, M.D."

    Ashraf appointed as division director of Pediatric Endocrinolog

  •  "Vera Bittner, M.D."

    Weight cycling does not adversely affect cardiovascular outcomes in women with suspected myocardial ischemia

  •  "Monica Baskin, Ph.D."

    Baskin selected as president of the Jefferson County Health Action Partnership

  •  "Barbara Gower, Ph.D."

    Recruitment begins for new study examining diet as treatment for Type 2 diabetes patients

  •  "Jayme Locke, M.D."

    Locke named director of UAB Comprehensive Transplant Institute

  •  "Aaron Fobian, Ph.D."

    Fobian receives honor for innovative research in pediatric health

  •  "Casey Morrow, Ph.D., and Ranjit Kumar, Ph.D."

    Obesity surgery leads to emergence of new microbial strains in the human fecal community

  • UAB NORC Call for Applications – Pilot and Feasibility Studies

  • James O. Hill

    Hill named chair of Nutrition Sciences, director of Nutrition Obesity Research Center

  • Greg Pavela

    Pavela leads UAB team to study association of BMI and mortality

  • Greg Pavela, Ph.D.

    Pavela elected to lead Ethics Section for national public health organization

  • Eric P. Plaisance, Ph.D.

    New study: Ketone supplement proves to lower body fat and weight

  • Valene Garr Barry, MS

    Valene Garr Barry recognized for Top Scoring Abstract

  • Ganesh Halade, Ph.D., left, and Yabing Chen, Ph.D.

    Faculty members win best-paper awards

  • Could beetroot juice alleviate obesity-related health implications?

  • Kevin Fontaine, Ph.D.

    Ketogenic diet reduces body fat in women with ovarian or endometrial cancer

  • Sarah Salvy, Ph.D. and Gareth Dutton, Ph.D.

    UAB researchers testing innovative childhood obesity intervention

  • Courtney Peterson, Ph.D.

    NCATS-Supported Study Shows Eating Before 3 p.m. Can Improve Health (NCATS)

  • Bertha Hidalgo

    Hidalgo appointed to American College of Epidemiology Board of Directors

  • Trygve Tollefsbol, Ph.D.

    Pregnant? Eating broccoli sprouts may reduce child’s chances of breast cancer later in life

  • Stephen Watts

    Stephen Watts to chair organizing committee for NIH workshop

  • Stephen Barnes

    Barnes elevated to Distinguished Professor

  • Stella Aslibekyan

    Aslibekyan honored for excellence in teaching

  • Bertha Hidalgo

    Hidalgo appointed to National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute’s Board of External Experts

  • Pamela Bass - before and after pics

    Bariatric surgery is effective under the right circumstances

  • Shima Dowla

    Shima Dowla Honored With P.E.O. Scholar Award

  • David Sears — before and after his participation at the UAB Weight Loss Clinic.

    Local radio host loses 100 pounds with help from UAB Weight Loss Medicine

  • Courtney Peterson, Ph.D.

    eTRF improves blood sugar control and blood pressure, pilot study says

  • Aaron Fobian, Ph.D.

    Fobian named Young Professional of the Year by local nonprofit

  • " "

    Nutrition therapy guidelines will help people living with HIV stay healthy

  • Cora Elizabeth (Beth) Lewis, MD, MSPH

    NORC Senior Scientist, Beth Lewis, MD, MSPH, named Chair of the UAB Department of Epidemiology

  • Dr. Olivia Affuso

    Dr. Olivia Affuso recently elected to the American College of Sports Medicine Board of Trustees

  • " "

    Fad diets or lifestyle changes - where do three popular weight-reduction plans fit in?

  • Suzanne Judd, Ph.D.

    Drinking Sugary Drinks May be Associated With Greater Risk of Death

  • Pankaj Arora

    Arora serving as Circulation section editor

  • Chris Radlicz, M.S., M.P.H

    Former NORC pre-doctoral scholar awarded MSTAR fellowship at Harvard University for Summer 2018

  • Chris Radlicz

    Chris Radlicz selected as one of ASN’s 2018-2019 Science Policy Fellows

  • Members of the "Jardin du coeur" association pick vegetables at a garden in Francheville near Lyon November 26, 2013. REUTERS/Robert Pratta

    Gardening may help cancer survivors eat better, feel greater ‘worth’ (Reuters)

  • Before and after photo of Lorna Shelton, 58, who weighed nearly 250 pounds. She lost over 50 pounds in one year with time restricted feeding.

    Time-restricted eating can help with weight loss, researchers say (NBC News)

  • " "

    Study examines obesity and reproductive status of zoo elephants

  • NIDDK Medical Student Research Program Symposium

    UAB Diabetes Research Center (DRC) and the Student Research Training Program (STRP) Medical Student Summer Research Fellowships

  • " "

    MHERC Pilot Feasibility Studies on Nutrition or Obesity-Related Health Disparities

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