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The seminar is sponsored by the Nutrition Obesity Research Center and co-sponsored by the Department of Nutrition Sciences.

January 7 Charles Meng, Ph.D.
AtheroGenics, Alpharetta, GA
"The Role of Inflammation in Atherosclerosis: New Opportunities in Nutrition and Drug Discovery."  
January 9 Nelson Watts, MD
University of Cincinnati
"Hypercalcemia and Hyperparathyroidism"  
January 14 Yingkui Yang, MD
Pediatric Surgery, UAB
"Molecular Basis of Agouti-Related Protein (AGRP) Binding to Human Melanocortin-4 Receptor: Mechanism of AGRP in the Control of Animal Food Intake"  
January 21 Ajay Chawla, MD, Ph.D.
Stanford University
"PPARs, Macrophage Function and Atherosclerosis"  
January 28 Mark Cope, Ph.D.
Department of Nutrition Sciences, UAB
"Atypical Antipsychotc Drug Induced Weight Gain"  
February 3 Jamy Ard, MD
Duke University Medical Center
"African American Culture and Behavior Modification: Lessons for Clinical Trial Design"  
February 4 Randall Sakai, MD
University of Cincinnati
"Attack of the Obese Clones II"  
February 11 Edward Gregg, Ph.D.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
"Trying to Lose Weight, Losing Weight, and Death Among U.S Adults: Implications for a Public Health Dilemma"  
February 25 George Howard, DrPH
Department of Biostatistics, UAB
"Birth Cohort Changes in BMI in the US, 1887-1994"  
March 4 Mulchand Patel, Ph.D.
University of Buffalo, New York
"A New Perspective on Obesity: Metabolic Programming"  
March 11 Chung Yang, Ph.D.
Rutgers University
"Mechanisms of Inhibition of Carcinogenesis by Tea"  
March 18 Martin Alpert, MD
St. John's Mercy Medical Center
"Cardiovascular Complications of Obesity and its Treatment"  
March 25 Robert Cousins, Ph.D.
University of Florida
"The Nutritional Genomics of Zinc Metabolism and Function"  
April 8 Shumei Sun, Ph.D.
Wright State University
"Aging, Body Composition and Lifestyle – The Fels Longitudinal Study"  
April 22 Ron Munger
Utah State University
"Maternal Nutrition and Oral Cleft Birth Defects"  
April 29 Chandrika Piyathilake, Ph.D.
Department of Nutrition Sciences, UAB
"Role of Micronutrients in the Natural History of Human Papillomavirus"  
April 27 Eugene Chen, MD, Ph.D.
Morehouse School of Medicine
"PPARs and the Cardiovascular System"  
May 6 Mary Hagan, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology, UAB
"Agouti-Related Peptide (AgRP) and CNS Signals that Interact with AgRP in Dietary-Induced Obesity"  
May 13 Fabio Bessa Lima, MD, Ph.D.
University of Sao Paulo
"Influences on Adipose Cell Biology: Pineal Gland Manipulations, Exercise, and Dietary Sweeteners"  
June 10 John Newcomer, MD
Washington University
"Metabolic Abnormalities During Antipsychotic Treatment"  
September 9 Bob Kesterson, Ph.D.
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
"The Mind of the Fat Mouse"  
September 16 Richard Pratley, MD
Novartis Pharmaceuticals
"The Potential for Dipeptidyl Peptidase Inhibition in the Treatment of Type 2 DM"  
September 23 John Suttie, Ph.D.
University of Wisconsin, Madison
"What We Don't Know About the Metabolic Role of Vitamin K"  
September 30 John Foreyt, Ph.D.
Baylor College of Medicine
"Trends in the Management of Obesity"  
October 7 Jay Kearney, Ph.D., FACSM
Clinical Affairs, HealtheTech
"Resting Metabolic Rate: Clinical Relevance, Technology of Assessment, Factors Affecting Variability, and the Contributions of Lean Muscle Mass" Watch Video
October 21 Leon Avery, Ph.D.
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
"The Nematode Caenorhabditis Elegans" Watch Video
October 28 Robert Heaney, MD
Creighton University
"Long Latency Period Deficiency Disease: The Challenge of Nutrition's Century" Watch Video
November 4 David E. Kelley, MD
University of Pittsburgh
"BioEnergetic Defects In Skeletal Muscle Insulin Resistance" Watch Video
November 10 Diane Birt, Ph.D.
Iowa State University
"Molecular and Hormonal Mechanisms of Cancer Prevention by Dietary Energy Restriction"  
November 18 Kevin Davy, Ph.D.
University of Mississippi Medical Center
"Sympathetic Neural Activation in the Metabolic Syndrome"  
November 25 Gina Nelson, MD
Department of Neurobiology
"Taste Loss in Radiation Exposure: A Combination Model of Histology, Behavior, and Electrophysiology"  
December 2 Maria De Luca, Ph.D.
Department of Environmental Health Sciences, UAB
"The Genetic Architecture of Drosophila Lipid Storage" Watch Video
December 9 Nancy Colburn, Ph.D.
National Cancer Institute
"AP-1, NFkB, and Pdcd4 as Targets for Cancer Prevention" Watch Video
December 16 Alan Permutt, MD
Washington University School of Medicine
"Search for Beta Cell Genes Involved in Type 2 Diabetes"  

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