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The Pre-hire ONE Card Form can be used to add new employee data to the UAB ONE Card Clearinghouse for employees who are not hired through Brassring or Peoplefluent.  The Pre-hire form allows new employees to obtain their blazerid and ONE Card (ID badge/access card) on or prior to their first day of employment.

NOTE: The pre-hire form is not for use with employees who are transferring departments or who are getting an additional employment assignment.

How to Access the Form:

  1. Access the Pre-hire ONE Card Form (use your BlazerID credentials to login).
  2. Enter the new employee’s information as requested on the form, and save the form.
  3. To view or edit a previously entered record, enter a value (e.g, last name, first name) and click “Search” at the bottom of the form.
  4. Enter the correct information and click “Save This Entry.”
  5. If you need to clear the data entered into the form, click “Clear This Form.”
  6. Log out by clicking the “logout” button at the bottom of the form.


After the Pre-Hire form is submitted:

  1. An email will be automatically sent to the new hire’s personal email address with instructions on how to register a BlazerID.  Note that if the new hire was previously affiliated with UAB and already has a BlazerID, he or she will receive an email with instructions on how to reset their password.
  2. If you entered an email address in the “Dept Contact Email” field, you will receive an email notification once the new hire has registered his/her BlazerID.
  3. After you receive the Blazer ID email notification, you can proceed with completing a ONE Card Request form for the new hire. 
  4. Instruct the new hire to take the completed form to any ONE Card office to have his/her badge printed.


Questions or Problems: contact onecard@uab.edu.