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The UAB Postdoctoral Association (UABPDA) is a volunteer organization that provides a voice for the interest of postdoctoral scholars at UAB. It works to eColor_RGB.epsncourage meaningful and constructive dialogue with the Office of Postdoctoral Education, the Council on Postdoctoral Education, and the university to advocate for improvements in policies affecting postdocs. It also organizes and carries out social and educational events for all postdocs at UAB.

If you are a postdoc at UAB, you are a member of the UABPDA! We welcome your suggestions and input. Please contact a member of the UABPDA Executive Board.

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Mission of the UAB PDA

The mission of the UABPDA is to provide a voice for UAB postdoctoral fellows that reflects the important contribution postdoctoral fellows make to scholarly research. The association:

  1. advocates for effective career training and preparation for transitioning to independence in the diverse career paths available to postdoctoral scholars, and
  2. works toward an improved environment for postdoctoral scholars which allows for balancing work and home responsibilities.

A Voice for Postdocs

Members of the UAB Postdoctoral Association. The UABPDA is independent from the Office of Postdoctoral Education (OPE), but collaborates to organize events aimed at postdoctoral scholars at UAB and SRI. OPE's associate dean provides advice on activities proposed by the executive board (EB).

Several members of the EB also serve on the UAB Council on Postdoctoral Education (COPE), which advises the associate dean on issues related to postdoctoral training. If the EB believes an issue requires attention from the UAB administration, it can be brought to the attention of COPE for discussion and action.

The OPE sponsors one or two EB members to attend the annual meeting of the National Postdoc Association opens a new website (NPA) each year, as permitted, with funds allotted by the associate dean. A past chair of the NPA and current members of the NPA Board of Directors are at UAB and are important resources for the UABPDA. In addition, UAB is a founding member of the NPA. Postdoctoral scholars at UAB are encouraged to consider joining the NPA as individual members.

History of the UABPDA

Late in 2003, at the urging of Dr. Victor Darley-Usmar, a Founders Committee was formed to establish a postdoctoral association at UAB. The committee was comprised of two postdoctoral scholars at UAB, Drs. Keith Micoli and Maaike Everts. Modeling the UABPDA after the newly established NPA, the committee prepared and submitted a constitution and by-laws to the UAB postdoctoral community in April, 2004. They were approved at the inaugural town hall meeting of postdoctoral scholars on May 4, 2004.

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