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The 19th Annual UAB Postdoc Research Day will take place on September 19, 2022 at the UAB West Pavilion Conference Center. Exact times will be announced shortly.
Research Day is designed to showcase the research of UAB Postdoctoral Scholars and to promote networking and collaboration among trainees. We invite our Postdocs to submit an abstract for either a 12 min Research Talk, or a 3 min Data Blitz presentation. 

Abstract Submission 

Submit your abstract for the 2022 UAB Postdoctoral Research Day! Abstracts should be 250 words or less (not including headings) and have the subheadings of: Background, Methods, Results, and Conclusion. Authors with accepted abstracts will present the content in a 12 minute oral presentation followed by 3 minutes of questions from judges and the audience. Presentations will take place in person and will be judged on the presenters ability to accurately communicate their ideas and findings, their overall understanding of the topic, and their ability to answer questions. Presented data must be from your current position as a UAB Postdoctoral scholar.  Abstracts are due September 6th

Data Blitz

Are you a new postdoc or don’t have enough data for a 12-min presentation? Consider submitting a 100-word project summary to present during our Data Blitz! Presentations will be 3-minutes long and you will be limited to a single static PowerPoint slide that details a new study idea, method, or preliminary data. The Data Blitz will be judged by a panel comprised of faculty and fellow postdocs. Presented ideas must be from your current position as a UAB Postdoctoral scholar. Audience members will be asked to refrain from recording and/or taking pictures during the Data Blitz as these are emerging areas of research that are in pre-publication phase. Abstracts are due September 6th.

Tentative Agenda

Presentations this year will take place at the West Pavilion Conference Center. A more extensive agenda will be updated soon.

Research Day Committee Members