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Who can use your services? 

Our services are available to all.


How long does it take to receive an order? 

Once you place an order and approve it to be printed our normal turnaround time for offset print projects is 5 business days; for digital print projects it is 2 business days. Keep in mind that some types of projects may require a little more time due to their complexity.


How fast will you mail my project? 

Our normal turnaround is 2 business days for mailing. If a project requires handwork, then a day or two extra may be required.


How can I reduce my mailing costs? 

Sending your project using our non-profit mail permit is a great way to reduce costs while only adding a few extra days for your mailing to reach its recipients. Your savings can be hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the amount of pieces you are sending and whether they are letters or flats. To mail something non-profit, it can't contain personal information or be a bill (dues notices and fundraising are exceptions) and you must have 200 pieces of mail with a valid USPS address. Contact Mailing Services to learn how to reduce the cost of your next mailing project.


Do you charge a rush fee?

Please keep in mind that certain types of projects will require a set amount of time, but we will always tell you upfront what is possible or not. In the event your project will require staff overtime a rush fee may be applicable. 


What can't you print?

There aren't many things we can't print (or mail for that matter), but we don't have the ability to print something on newsprint.


What type of files do you accept for print, copy or poster projects?

Just about anything—Word, Powerpoint, Publisher, Quark, InDesign, Pages, etc. Please include images and fonts.
Package file and send to printingservices@uab.edu.


Do you sell stamps? 

Yes, but only to UAB Departments with an oracle account number. 


Can I send personal mail to my office address? 

This practice is strongly discouraged and we do not accept responsibility for this type of mail if it doesn't reach you. We do realize that sometimes it is easier for you to send a package to your work address to help avoid having it sit on your doorstep all day. Sending something you've ordered over the Internet to your work address is okay, but please just don't do it too often; we have limited resources to handle the extra volume.


How do I pay for your products or services? 

If it is a work project we ask you to provide a internal requisition with a valid Oracle account number. We also take debit cards and most major credit cards. When purchasing post office products we only take internal requisitions with a valid Oracle account number.


What are your hours of operation? 

Our hours of operation are 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Please remember we are closed on official UAB holidays.  Post office hours of operation are 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM (closed 11 - 12 for lunch).


If I have an issue with an order or a problem with one of your services who do I contact?

Please contact Paula Mitchell; office - 934-7285, cell - 440-9959 or via email.