Peak performance: 9 tips for employees

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rep perf review 550pxAn annual review isn’t simply a time for your supervisor to tell you “how you have done.” It is your chance to highlight your successes from the past year and your interests for the future and work with your manager to address challenges you have experienced. Prepare for the conversation with these pointers and conversation starters from Learning and Development.


Here are some tips you can apply to get the most from your performance review:


  • Take the initiative to make things better. There’s no need to save issues for the annual review process. Every conversation you have with your manager is an opportunity to discuss what’s working well and what needs improvement.
  • Ask your manager for regular time to discuss changes in needs and your performance toward annual goals or targets.
  • Understand what your manager’s priorities are; if you aren’t sure, ask.
  • If you don’t feel qualified to take on a task, discuss it with your manager. Perhaps you need training — extensive, free resources are available in UAB’s LinkedIn Learning platform.
  • Build your own personal development plan, and make it your mission to learn something new every day.
  • Keep up with books and articles on your specialty, and participate in continuing education.
  • Take advantage of UAB’s Educational Assistance Program to enroll in undergraduate or graduate courses, in person or online.
  • Read the UAB Reporter and other UAB news and information to keep up with the institution’s goals and initiatives and understand how your job fits in.
  • Find a mentor to help you take advantage of workplace opportunities and address challenges. And consider being a mentor to others.



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