Use personal holidays by June deadline

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Out of office written on a card at the deskUnder UAB policy, personal holidays for non-essential employees are awarded July of each year and must be used by the end of June the following calendar year.

In 2020, employees were granted a one-time exemption by UAB and UAB Medicine to keep and roll over any unused personal holidays until June 2021 due to COVID-19 concerns and limitations.  As Alabama emerges from the pandemic, faculty and staff are encouraged to use their personal holidays and vacation time for their own well-being.

UAB biweekly paid full-time regular employees in non-essential services must take any unused personal holidays by the last biweekly pay period with a June pay date. For 2021, that means that employees in this category must take their remaining personal holidays by the June 6-June 19 pay period or they will be automatically forfeited. The new personal holiday balance for the 2021-22 period will be reflected on the June 20-July 3 pay period. UAHSF biweekly employees must take their remaining personal holidays by June 30. All monthly paid employees will have until June 30 to take their remaining personal holidays.

Essential employees in UAB Hospital, the UAB Police Department and the UAB Call Center and some UAHSF employees in hospital departments accrue up to 11 personal holidays per year rather than three personal and eight designated holidays. Any personal holiday balance in excess of 11 days due to the 2020 rollover exemption will need to be used before the June deadlines.

A copy of the full holiday policy, HR Policy 302, can be found in the UAB Policies and Procedures Library.

Direct questions to HR Service Center at 205-934-5321.