EACC’s one-at-a-time therapy option extended to all clients

happy person streamBy Brooke Carbo

The UAB Employee Assistance and Counseling Center's One-at-a-Time (OAAT) Therapy option is now available to all clients — including couples and families.

The new EACC counseling service, which launched last year, is designed to address a specific issue in a single, goal-oriented therapy session. The OAAT Therapy approach is not focused on the root of the issue or history of the problem, but on gaining immediate, helpful insights and creating a plan of action based on a client’s strengths and available resources.

The EACC uses a pre-survey to assist clients in narrowing their focus for therapy prior to their appointment with an EACC counselor. Since its launch, OAAT Therapy has been effective with  the majority of clients who self-selected this option, said EACC Director Tami Long.

“You would be amazed at how much can be accomplished in one counseling session,” she continued.

“Throughout the OAAT appointment, we check-in with the client to make sure the session is meeting their needs,” Long explained. “If this is not the case, we will recommend ongoing therapy or an appropriate community referral.  “

To schedule a session with an EACC counselor, or for more information, visit go.uab.edu/oaat-therapy.

OAAT Therapy sessions for couples and families are 90 minutes long and are recommended for issues such as communication, parenting challenges, financial decisions, boundaries and family conflict. OAAT Therapy for individuals, which has been available since last year, are 60 minutes and recommended for issues including life transitions, break-ups, time management, stress and anxiety, concerns about a friend or loved one, and other immediate concerns that clients are ready to tackle with a plan of action.

"The EACC understands the mental health and well-being of employees is priority one," Long said. "The OAAT Therapy model along with the recent addition of new counselors will help us reach more clients in the years to come." 

EACC counseling services are offered via telemental health/distance counseling and are free to eligible employees and members of their immediate household.

To schedule a session with an EACC counselor, or for more information, visit go.uab.edu/oaat-therapy.