Two-way radios now available to units across campus from UAB Radio Paging

campus green from corner streamUAB Radio Paging now is offering a variety of portable and stationary two-way radios in multiple sizes and capabilities — some of which are as small as a cell phone.

The digital radios comply with all UAB’s security standards and are fully digitally secure and can help UAB employees communicate more effectively across campus during emergency events such as a fire or inclement weather; units such as UAB Libraries, Warehouse and Campus Maintenance currently use two-way radios to improve communications in crisis situations.

"We rely on the radios in the event of emergencies when we have to alert patrons or to evacuate the building in case of fire, or if inclement weather dictates us moving to a safer area. We dispatch staff to all areas of the library. Staff members can communicate to each other via the radios to ensure all areas are covered, as well as to monitor their well-being during the event. We also use the radios to contact our other branches if the phone communication is down or to alert them of our situation," said Bruce Seal, HUB desk supervisor in UAB Libraries.

To obtain radios for your unit, contact UAB Radio Paging at or 934-2599.