4 things to know about Healthcheck

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UAB is committed to providing one of the safest campuses in America during this pandemic and has enacted numerous safety precautions to protect its faculty, staff, students, patients and visitors. An essential part of that plan is gathering and analyzing daily data that will enable senior leadership rapidly to identify those who may have been exposed to or contracted COVID-19, prioritize participants who might need COVID-19 testing and respond quickly to contain any spread within the campus community.

UAB Healthcheck is the web-based COVID-19 assessment tool that employees and students are using to report COVID-19 symptoms and exposure history — or the lack thereof — through a very brief online survey. Here’s what you need to know:

  • healthcheck app 300Completing Healthcheck is prerequisite for coming to campus.

UAB Healthcheck is an essential component of UAB’s campus entry strategy, and all employees must complete it and be cleared to work in campus facilities by their supervisor. It is a HIPAA-compliant platform, and you will use your Blazer ID to access the tool. The initial survey can be completed in about 20 seconds; subsequent surveys can be completed in about 10 seconds. 

Failure to accurately and honestly report symptoms and/or exposures in Healthcheck, or any attempt to otherwise falsify your Healthcheck attestation, will be referred to Student Conduct or Human Resources for appropriate disciplinary action. 

  • You must complete it every day.

Beginning Aug. 24, you must complete Healthcheck daily. Some habits are hard to get started, so you can set up reminders through the UAB Healthcheck tool, set a reminder in Outlook or make my.uab.edu the home page for your web browser. Based on your daily response, UAB Healthcheck will assign you one of three categories — Least Risk, Maybe at Risk or Greater Risk — each with its own instructions on how to proceed. Regardless of your answer, a compliance report will be sent to UAB Human Resources or Student Health; failure to participate could lead to disciplinary actions.

  • least risk 300You can access it anywhere.

All UAB students, staff, and faculty can access UAB Healthcheck on a phone, tablet or computer by going to uab.edu/healthcheck. You can also access it through the UAB app. Employees also can access UAB Healthcheck through the myUAB employee portal.

  • It’s your passport to travel throughout campus

Each day you complete Healthcheck you will receive a passport — a response screen that confirms you are cleared to enter campus on the date displayed. You will be asked to show it to access events on campus and enter facilities such as the Campus Recreation Center and  libraries, and students will be asked to show their passport when they attend class in person; additional details will be communicated about this process. If you have not completed it for the day, you may be refused admittance until you do.