2022 in review: Our best photos of the year

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Each year, UAB’s official photographers capture thousands of images as they document the incredible variety of events and personalities that make up our community.

Here are some of our favorite photos from the past 12 months.

UAB Splash Day 2022 46   Widget

A student readies to lob a water balloon on the Campus Green during the annual Blazer Splash water fight in August 2022.

“I'll have to admit that my camera got a little wet taking this photo. If you look closely, you will find our beloved mascot Blaze enjoying this annual water balloon battle.” — Steve Wood, university photographer

TWG Opening 220707 007 6420   Widget

Athletes crowd the dance floor during the World Games’ opening ceremony in July 2022.

“Watching the world come to Birmingham during the World Games was another coming-together time that warmed my heart after spending so long without attending large events. I took this picture toward the end of the opening ceremony. The dance floor was filled with athletes from all around the world dancing to Alabama's ‘Mountain Music,’ and I was just dancing through the crowd capturing it all.” — Andrea Mabry, university photographer

Photo 1   TWG   Womens Canoe Polo   Team Great Britain V Team Netherlands  July 7   Crossplex 13   Widget

Athletes compete in a game of canoe polo during the World Games in July 2022.

“The World Games was the first time I had heard of canoe polo, and seeing it in person was so much more impressive than watching some videos online. I enjoy photographing sports anyway because of how quickly the athletes move and how no two games or matches are the same — but coming into this completely unaware as to how the game is played was a really fun challenge. I was lucky to be let fairly close to the edge of the pool, so once I adjusted my camera settings, I was able to wander, test different angles and learn the game so I could start timing photographs of the action.” — Lexi Coon, university photographer

Around Campus Ashanti Meadows 220404 003 4452   Widget

First-year student Ashanti Meadows reclines on the Campus Green in April 2022.

“I absolutely love those sporadic very warm days in spring, you know, the kind that gets you excited to take a blanket out in the grass and lay around all afternoon. I took my camera out in the beginning of April and found freshman Ashanti Meadows doing exactly what I would have been doing if I was in school, looking radiantly happy to be enjoying the beautiful day. She highly recommends the book “Looking For Alaska” by John Green.” — Andrea Mabry, university photographer

TWG PNC Field 1   Widget

The sun sets over PNC Field, home of UAB Men’s and Women’s soccer teams, during the World Games in July 2022.

“This photo was taken the just before the Lacrosse gold medal game between the United States and Canada. PNC Field was the host site for men’s and women’s lacrosse during the World Games.” — Steve Wood, university photographer

Photo 2   TWG   Spain   July 11   Campus Green 10   Widget

Spanish athletes demonstrate skills from their sports on the Campus Green during the World Games in July 2022.

“Another favorite from the World Games. There were a lot of enjoyable aspects from TWG2022, but I think my favorite was just having all these incredible athletes from all over the world hanging out at UAB and in Birmingham during their free time. This photo was taken on a nice afternoon on the Campus Green. I remember there were a few different countries out either practicing or taking some time off, and I was drawn to these athletes from Spain. I believe they were teaching each other different tricks and skills from their respective sports. Similar to the photo from canoe polo, I took this after meandering through different groups of people, finding nice lighting and waiting for the right moment.” — Lexi Coon, university photographer

Photo 3   First Day Of Classes 12   Widget

Two friends pose for a photo while walking to class on a rainy first day of the fall 2022 semester.

“The first day of class is fun for everyone, and it's a day that we as photographers look forward to as well. It's nice to see the campus liven back up, for students to fill the sidewalks and hallways again, and to watch as friends from previous years get to catch back up. Even though this year had some rain with it, we still got some fun pictures of students by walking around campus between classes. This one in particular makes me smile — even though it was rainy out, I remember these students talking animatedly and excitedly with one another, and they jumped at the chance for a good picture.” — Lexi Coon, university photographer

TWG Opening Ceremonies Team USA 35   Widget

The United States team enters Protective Stadium during the World Games’ opening ceremony in July 2022.

“I thought I was in the wrong spot for this photo until the guy holding the flag turned slightly.” — Steve Wood, university photographer

First Day Of Class 220822 004 7901   Widget

Students make their way to classes during the first week of the fall 2022 semester. 

“In a lot of ways, my favorite part of UAB in 2022 was about watching campus really come back to life after COVID: Students were excited to be on campus and no longer wearing masks, and the energy was palpable. There was no longer a wariness about being around people, and students would smile and wave with genuine enthusiasm at the UAB photographers as we walked about campus making pictures — something we're not used to. This view of the Green, full of students just doing everyday life, makes me so happy.” — Andrea Mabry, university photographer